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Wedding Gifts and Bed Bath & Beyond



Apparently, Bed Bath & Beyond is the hot spot for wedding gifts. Every time I've gone into the store to make a purchase I'm always asked, "is this a wedding gift?" It doesn't matter if it's a plastic pasta colander, a re-fill package of dish scrubbers, a $1.50 plastic photo-frame, a toilet plunger, or really large knives, I get the question each and every time. I'm thinking that I need a better response than simply saying "nope".

For the colander I could have replied, "Yep, and neither can make good spaghetti, it's a disaster waiting to happen."

For the re-fill package of dish scrubbers I could have replied, "Yep, they both like it really rough, if you get my drift."

For the $1.50 plastic photo frame I could have replied, "Yep, they're such an ugly couple that I doubt they'll even fill this frame."

For the toilet plunger I could have replied, "Yep, because of her badly hyphenated last name, it's a marriage headed for the crapper."

For the knives I could have replied, "Yep, Lorena is trying to see if it's better the second time around."

I'm not sure what or when my next purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond will be, but rest assured that my next response is going to be more than a simple "nope".

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