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Fleet Foxes Brought The Harmonizing, Wilco Brought The Lawncore


Two shows

It's been about three months since my last concert series at the Old Mill District. This time around I was up for some Fleet Foxes and Wilco. Of course I really didn't plan ahead very well and at 5:30pm I was still without a ticket. Craigslist was a bust, so I headed down to the show and found a rookie scalper (basically just some dude) with an extra ticket. I paid what I hoped to pay on Craigslist and walked on in through the gates.

I wasn't sure about the camera policy on this show, so I played it safe and once again stuck my point-n-shoot under my belt before I walked in. Of course once I was inside I saw people walking around with big cameras and realized I probably could have brought my better gear in. Oh well, I wasn't there just to take photos, there was some good music to be heard.

First up: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes

Ever since I first listened to the excellent, Sun Giant EP, I was looking forward to the self-titled full release. It didn't disappoint and having them open for Wilco was a real treat.

Fleet Foxes

They played a great set and I could tell that most of the crowd didn't know who they were, but soon noticed that they weren't just some garbage opening band and gave them a listen. Someone sitting nearby asked me who they were, which was a sign that they wanted to know more. It always amazes me when people don't know who they are seeing at a show, because for every show I have gone too I always know who the opening acts are, or look them up if I am not already familiar with them. Of course I am a bit of a music junkie, so I can never know enough about bands that are playing. Overall, a great first concert experience for Fleet Foxes.

Next up: Wilco


This was actually my first time seeing Wilco live as well, so I was looking forward to this show, despite not actually having a ticket before the day of the show. On the CD side, my first experience with their albums was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot , which is great, and I have followed them ever since. I wouldn't say I am a Wilco junkie by any means, but Jeff Tweedy seems to put a magical touch on of the music I have heard from him, so I felt like this show was going to be good no matter what.



The show featured a fair bit of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot material and other of the choice singles from other albums, so it was a very good first Wilco show for myself. The crazy part was that WIlco started playing before 7:30. That's almost unheard of for a rock show. Since the Old Mill shows have a 10:00pm cutoff, I was curious to see if we were really going to get a heaping helping of Wilco. Turns out, we sure did.



Tweedy made a lot of great comments between songs and even messed up the lyrics on a few songs as well. He did replace some lyrics in Kingpin and referenced Bend in the song which was a nice touch. Overall, a great show that featured a lot of Wilco music, perfect weather and a great concert experience. Couldn't ask for much more than that.

If his goal in life was to be an echo, then I'll say it again. Great show. I'll remember to remember it.

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Meltrier said:

What's lawncore? Wait - a play on encore and lawn? If so, I get it. I'm a little slow.

monkeyinabox said:

Yep, you got it. Jeff Tweedy mentioned it while on stage about their long-core encores. Then her said they were played on the lawn, so they were lawncores.

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