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Mercury In Retrograde


Mercury in retrograde

One's threshold for pain and suffering can sometimes be limitless and never ending. With that being the running theme of this entry, it was a weekend that went back for more. More? Maybe some physical pain for myself and the pleasure of watching others dish it out on each other as well. Confused and perplexed? Good.

Saturday was supposed to be a pretty low-key day since I spent the week recovering from my South Sister climb the previous Sunday. I decided that since the weather was slightly cool, that a mid-day hike up Pilot Butte would be a good idea. Seriously after the South Sister climb, I was looking forward to laughing as I strolled up the butte, reminding myself how easy going up the butte is versus a mountain.

Things started out slightly off-key as my iPod wouldn't turn on. Damn, no music to pace myself to, but I reminded myself that I did the South Sister hike without a single tune, so if I could do it for 10 hours, I could handle it for 30 minutes. No problem, as I ascended the butte with my usual brisk pace and made it to the summit quickly. Of course I did my regular routine of not stopping at the top, but this time I decided to check out the distant views of the mountains, specifically South Sister.

In a way I was taunting the butte, and as I descended the stone steps at the summit of the butte, the butte decided to taunt me back. As I gazed the horizon my shoe caught a uneven stone step and I stumbled. Being about three steps from the asphalt, I quickly thought, "OH CRAP!" as I lunged forward. Doing a face plant on the rocks and asphalt was not a promising option, and somehow I convinced my body to do whatever was necessary to prevent that from happening. Being the nimble and coordinated fellow that I am, I managed to avoid a face plant and caught myself mid-air. Of course in the process I pulled a stomach muscle or something.


Pulling a stomach muscle is something that you can do if you are a pregnant woman, or someone who just tries to eat an entire bucket of KFC, or in my case, preventing yourself from flopping on the ground. Ouch, and just as all my other aches were gone from my South Sister climb, here were some new ones. I guess I won't taunt Pilot Butte next time.

So, enough about my own pain, it's time to talk about someone else's.

Saturday also marked a return for the Lava City Roller Dolls. Time to watch some ladies on skates beat each other up. Good stuff and I returned again with my camera to capture the mayhem. This time I was armed with a new flash for my camera, and I was ready to see how it could help the lighting at the Central Oregon Indoor Sports Center which basically is a poorly lit gym. So, cameras ready prepare to flash!

Lava City Roller Dolls action

How's that for improved detail? Mouthpiece spittle....err....okay, maybe too much detail. I really wasn't after dental fillings and nose hair, so I played around the tried to capture some action.

Lava City Roller Dolls action

This match only featured the Lava City Roller Dolls and was billed as Good versus Evil. Can you guess who the crowd cheered on? Yep, Evil is always favored over good. Wait a sec...

Lava City Roller Dolls action

Lava City Roller Dolls action

Well, Team Evil did kick Team Good's butts, and roller derby satisfaction was delivered.
Lava City Roller Dolls action

The Renegade Rollergirls started back up on Sunday as well, but I didn't make it to their match, even though it offered Bar-B-Que before the match. I did wonder if it was just a skater named Bar-B-Que skating around flinging sauce on the crowd. I guess I'll never know since I didn't attend.

Well, just like the rollergirls, I'm still feeling my pain from the weekend. I'll probably be ready for some more soon again.

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