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Holdem' For Habitat World Series 2008


Jakes World Series 2008

So, here I was, back at Jake's for the 2008 Holdem' For Habitat World Series. If the memory of last year isn't as fresh in your mind as it is in mine, I'll recap: I finished third losing to a 12-year old boy with a bad all-in push. You know who remembers the person who finished third? The person who finished third.

Tonight was a chance to redeem myself. I had qualified earlier in the year and therefore I didn't have to make a last ditch effort at the previous night's last chance play. I convinced a co-worked to go play and he actually knocked out last year's second place finisher Leslie James (of Rock 98.3) . Bingo, no return of her to cause problems. Had, Isaac the now 13-year-old qualified? Nope, he was not in attendance either. Seriously, the only two players who beat me last year were not playing. I know, I know, that's not how it works, but I didn't have that monkey on my back as I took my seat.

For the record I didn't have a monkey on my shirt, or hat for that matter. I busted out a different hat: a fedora. I brought my Binions Casino chip protector (the casino that I actually played a final table in a cash tournament at) and my sunglasses. This was the World Series (of Jakes) but I was taking the classy approach.

Now, this year was very different in the sense that I knew almost everyone playing. Last year I knew a few players, but the unfamiliarity made it easier to mix up my play and have them guessing whether I was bluffing, or just getting lucky. With the other players knowing me much better this year, it was harder to sneak under the radar. I will say that I made a mental note to change my style of play for tonight.

I played a much more aggressive game and hit some good hands early on. It worked and I did stumble with a few hands, but kept enough chips to make it to the first round of losing a table and shrinking the field. I seemed to stay pretty even as more and more players continued to bust out. I did have a few all-in moments where I was able to double-up and boost my chip stack, but I wasn't on the edge of elimination all night long either.

As we were down to two tables it started to look like making the final table was a reality. I was getting down in chips and went all-in once again. I was able to triple-up my chips and actually have a decent stack as the final table was set. One other man, Bob, who was at the final table last year, was the other big-stack. He was a tough player, and as other players continued to bust out, his chip stack grew more than mine.

Soon thought we were down to four, and then a few hands later it was just Bob and I. Last year, I really regretted making a big push, prior to heads-up play. So, here I was, heads-up against Bob, and honesty he knew how to play heads-up. The blinds were getting very expensive and I was dealt Q 3. I knew it wasn't the best possible hand, but I had a high card, so I called his all-in bet (thinking he could be bluffing). He turned over A Q. I was doomed, but the flop came 3 Q A. Well, I was still doomed, but the cards were turned over slow and one at a time, so for a brief moment, I was behind, then a head, then behind again. Another Ace followed and I was done. So, last year I finished third and this year I finished second. Last year I won a printer and this year I won a printer. Last year I lost to a 12-year old boy and this year I lost to Bob, who I think is slightly older than 12. He finished 5th last year, so I actually have a slightly better finishing position average (it's all about averages in sports and poker is a sport). Of course, everyone remembers who finished first, and who will remember who finished second. Hmmm...probably myself and Bob. I guess that's an improvement.

Jakes  Holdem for Habitat World Series 2008

I'll be back next year. First place is still within my sights.

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Melissa said:

OMG, I have no idea what you're talking about here. It took me a few sentences to even realize you were referring to playing cards.

Niche knowledge - I love it.

monkeyinabox said:

Poker is about so much more than just playing cards, it's about sometimes playing it safe, sometimes taking a risk, sometimes hiding your intentions and sometimes looking someone in the eye and saying something completely false.

So, if you heed that advice you realize that some people are playing poker all the time and not just at the card table.

Jake said:

I really need to come play one of these tournaments sometime. As long as I'm not at your table.

I expect you to win this thing next year. You've been beaten by young and old, and you're due.

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