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From the Surreal to the Real


Surreal to Real, Bravo

I fondly recall the gas prices of 2006 (being in the $2.25 range). Prices went up since, and earlier this summer I thought I would never see anything like that again. Yep, Saturday featured a wonderful trip up to Portland for some art, culture and much needed hypnotic eye trances and bargain gas prices. I did say it was surreal, didn't I?

The drive itself, is simply amazing this time of the year, with the leaves turning and floating to the ground. There is still a lack of snow on the pass, and the ski resorts still look abandoned and ready for the white stuff to cover their property and the steep slopes that the skiers are anticipating. Heck, earlier in the year on my multiple drives over the pass I wasn't sure there was actually ground to be seen. Verifying the fact, is always a good thing.

The camera begged to come along for the trip, and seriously these days I have a hard time going anywhere without an assortment of lenses. I was able to hold off until after lunch, where tasty fish and chips, and bacon cheeseburgers from Roses' filled the table. Truthfully, it's hard to go wrong with a bacon cheeseburger, and after a lengthy search I still find that PBDI brings the best burgers, but this one wasn't bad by any means.

Well, time for some culture, and the Portland Classical Chinese Garden was up first. Just a heads up for you photographers, the Chinese Garden's tickets state that they own the copyright to all photos, drawings, paintings, artwork, etc, so it's best not to plan any impromptu nude photos unless you want to end up on a calendar in the gift shop. With that said, I decided that simple photos and portraits would be best. Glad you agreed.

I could tell that I hadn't been to downtown Portland in a while, especially during the daytime hours. I had prepped myself with a bag of quarters for the parking meters, only to find they now take credit cards. Seriously, this was one of the last places where change was actually needed and useful. Bravo for technology.

The less you have to touch money, the cleaner your hands are, which makes it extremely convenient when you pop into Voodoo Doughnut for whether it's a quickie marriage or just an old-fashioned covered in Fruit Loops. With my birthday in the upcoming week, I went with The Ol' Dirty Bastard, which featured Oreo Cookies, and was probably sweeter than the deep-fried Oreo's I had in Vegas (which also had plenty of places for quickie marriages). Hmmmm.. nice to see that you don't have to travel to Vegas to actually have the Vegas experience. See, a simple doughnut with a smiley face doesn't bring that sort of deep insight, but it still tastes good. Hard to go wrong either way, I guess.

Next up, was the Portland Art Museum (see, I told you this was about art and culture). Since I had already spent part of the day photography beauty (on the tamer side), it was time to experience the exhibit "Wild Beauty", which entailed photographs of the Columbia River Gorge by Carleton Watkins and others between 1867 to 1957. Truthfully, these photos captured the wild process of dynamite blasting, and constructing the railroad, as well as river life with steamboats and fishing. No Love Boat cruises in the gorge, it was real and hardly surreal at all in the photos. The process for many of the photos was tintypes, which I had recently watched a great video of Robb Kendrick's process for National Geographic. Seriously after watching something like that I can hardly complain about the process of going from RAW images to finished JPGs with my photos. Once again, bravo for technology and double bravo for the beauty I captured.

Cheap thrills are good, and not that we were cheapskates or anything, but the Portland Aerial Tram is great fun for a small amount of dough. Seriously, what a great way to see the city. It's too bad that it doesn't run late into the evening hours, but with Daylight Savings Time just ending you now can have the chance to see the skyline all lit up. Worth a second ride? I think so.

While, this was only an over and back sort of trip, that didn't mean it was a quickly rush back after picking up a $5 foot long at Subway. Nope, a much better option was to be found at Dove Vivi, for some truly great pizza. Truly, pizza is a perfect food, and it's always best shared. Always. Surreal? Nope, it was all real.

Sort of a theme for the day. From the surreal to the real. Bravo.

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