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You'll need those fingers for crossing

Great discussions bring about great sayings. Great tripods bring about great photos. Are the two really connected? Perhaps not, but last night I acquired a second set of great legs, and when the purchase price was later revealed, "Strong Work", was proclaimed, which is, by the way, a favorite expression to have projected on me.

Hard to complain about the beauty of a long set of beautiful legs. I guess the only complaint is that they are too much to put in my suitcase for my upcoming trip, so they will remain at home along with a few other choice items of my affection including my new tripod. With airlines cutting back the amount of items you can take with you, some things have to be left at home. No worries, because it makes the return trip a little easier.

Packing, preparing, and planning for the return as well.

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The great post you have added keep posting like this

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Carrie and Big forever!

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