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It's Beginning To Look A Lot LIke Christmas, In Sydney


A down under Christmas

Since the Aussie's don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, there's no official boundary on when to start getting ready for Christmas. It's sort of like the country is run by Costco. Well, maybe not that bad.

Day three in Sydney began with a visit to the fish market. Yes, finally on day three and my entry will now appear to be posted in the future. About bloody time says I. Well, the fish market was fishy and it was a market. Not much else to say.


The sun was mostly absent on this "mostly fine" day. I seriously love the weather forecasts here. The other day Alice Springs was "dull". I'm not sure how the dullness is judged, but that's sort of harsh in my opinion. Well, onto less dull stuff like Christmas. Sydney is certainly loaded with banners everywhere in preparation for the Christmas season. Sort of feels odd to myself, given the fact I think of snow and cold weather and not shorts and hot sun. It's a different climate, and plenty of fake trees have already been spotted.




This morning also featured an IMAX movie in Darling Harbour. The last time I tried to see a film there it was Harry Potter. The system went down and free ice cream was about all I took from that experience. This time the film worked, but we had to share it with about 100 school children all dressed up in their matching uniforms. You would think that they had never seen a 3D or IMAX movie before. Crazy.

After that we headed out on a walk and hit Coles for some shopping. Yeah baby, Tim Tams were scored and probably not my only purchase of them on this trip. Of course if they are easily found back at home at Target, I might keep the suitcase a little lighter. We cruised over to Star City to check out the poker action, but the itinerary for tonight is only a massive 20 table tourney with a $330 buy-in. No thanks.

After a walk back, a fish & chips lunch back in Darling Harbour was delightful. Much, much, much better than Subway. With my backpack full of camera gear and Tim Tams, we headed over to the Powerhouse Museum working our way around more and more school children. The museum was certainly full of interesting things, but about 45 minutes into it, my dad and I agreed that a rest back at the hotel was needed more than knowing how things worked. Mystery is a good thing at times. Our last full day in Sydney is wrapping up, and honestly I am glad. I've certainly experienced plenty in this city, but I'm ready to move onto something new.

Tomorrow we board Qantas and head towards Ayers Rock. I'm eagerly looking forward to some red dirt and less paved surfaces. Bring it on.

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