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A Sunshine Smile On The Sunshine Coast


Sunshine all around

Finally, after a week down under I scored some Coopers beer. Sounds like a crazy thing, but finding a six-pack of this stuff has been damn hard. Beer is certainly no bargain here either, at $15 for a six-pack. So, I am drinking my first Coopers on this trip as I write this entry. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

We departed Brisbane this morning and pointed the car north and escaped the traffic of the city for some of the traffic on the M1 (or Bruce Hwy as it is known).


The drive was filled with nice weather and the traffic wasn't too heavy. The thing that always amazes you in Australia is how things look so close on a map, but once you see the actual distance between them you realize how big this place really is.


After driving for a bit, we stopped for some brekkie, at a roadside fuel-up joint. They had McDonalds and KFC, plus some more Aussie fares. I think the Aussies love KFC, because everywhere I see them they are always busy. I opted for the Aussie fare and got a pepper steak meat pie, a cinnamon pastry and a tall long black coffee. Ahhhhhh, a good cup of coffee is like a present you give yourself each day.

We cruised up the road and then veered towards the coast, and visited Moolooba, then to Maroochydore, and then back out to check out something you don't see everyday.


Yep, the Big Pineapple. The Aussies like things big, and indeed the pineapple was big.


After an experience such as that, we hit the road again and returned to the coastal route. Here we passed through Coolum Beach, Marcus Bach, Castaways Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunshine Beach. Sandy and beautiful all around and of course you got to see some odd-ball things as well.


Soon enough we reached our destination for the day: Noosa Heads.


We checked into the Noosa Heads Motel and relaxed a bit before dinner. I connected my laptop to the available wifi and was smiling once again. Seriously, having internet access is almost better than a pool on some trips. Free wifi would be even better, but I guess you can't have it all. After a much needed Skype call back home, I realized that it had been a long while since I had eaten anything, so dinner was required in a rapid fashion. We headed down to the suggested eating area and soon noticed an instant required dining option.


I had the t-shirt already, and now I've had the steak. Pretty good indeed. After dinner we noticed the sun going down fast. I was hoping to get a photo near the water, but the orientation of the coast and the sunset did not agree, but we drove to an inlet and I loved what I saw.


Of course the evening didn't end just yet, it was laundry time after being on vacation for a week.


Of course that didn't mean we couldn't end the night on a sweet note. Good night Noosa.


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lyle said:

Hi Chris.

The first picture, if I remember right, is the road to Redcliffe off of the main hwy.

If you continue towards Redcliffe, you go through Mango Hill. That is where I lived back in the 70's.

I remember the Sunshine Coast well. I am glad your are enjoying your stay.

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