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Mary Poppins and Merry Christmas All Around


Merry making in the sand

Tuesday was once again another travel date up the Sunshine Coast. The day began with an semi-early coffee I stirred up after pouring in the instant grind.


Not bad, but not the best either. We departed Noosa and headed north once again. The biggest surprise on the drive was a police sting stop checking for drunk drivers. It was 9:30am and in the middle of the country. My dad was driving and got to take the test. I failed to mention earlier in the trip I was driving near Ayers Rock after a sunset viewing when I had to take the same test. I think the police are very bored around here.

After passing (the breathalyzer test) and through Gympie we reached Maryborough for some brekkie. Of course it was mid-morning so I decided that lunch fare sounded a bit tastier. While my dad ordered up his eggs and bacon, I went for a bacon cheeseburger. Now, the cafe we ate at was a more traditional Aussie place, so I expected a more authentic Aussie burger, and indeed that's what I received. The first question I was asked was if I wanted "sauce" on my burger. Yep, indeed, but I went for BBQ sauce.

Now, the next thing you need to know about Aussie's and hamburgers is for some reason they think putting "beetroot" on a burger makes it good. No onions, but instead pickled beets. You know, the kind you find on a salad bar. Very odd how this came about and McDonalds even has a burger here with "beetroot" on it. I ate mine today and will confirm that it does nothing to improve the taste. It's not different, it's wrong. Period.

After consuming our food we ascended on the streets of Maryborough with tourist curiosity.


We visited the tourist info station and had nice conversations with the man and woman who worked there. We discussed Obama, and the economy and those sorts of things. Good stuff and then the question about the Mary Poppins artwork in the center was asked. Well, get this, author P.L. Travers was born here in 1899. She created Mary Poppins and thus, Maryborough is tastier than a spoon full of sugar with this tasty tidbit.




With full tummies and our heads full of new knowledge, we hit the road towards Bundaberg (the place where they make rum that kills brain cells). We made it to the distillery, and looked around briefly. They had a tour, but it was rather spendy, and honestly I really don't care that much about the making of rum. We had more ground to cover, and now it was my turn to drive. A good thing we didn't do the tour and have the free samples with those police stings all over the place.


Our next destination was Agnes Waters, which was about 120 km away. The road that took us there was basically a very narrow two-lane road with almost no shoulder. This was a fast road too, and I enjoyed cruising along at 120 kmph with the other drivers. It was certainly zippy and the large trucks on the road made it extra narrow in spots.

Around 3:30pm we arrived in Agnes Waters and Seventeen Seventy. Not much here really, and we checked out the accommodations for the night. The fun part is that most places here do not have rooms with two queen beds. Being a rather tall bloke, I can't really fit on anything smaller than a queen, which I use the angular approach to make the fit a little better. We picked Edge On The Beaches, and I have the queen while my dad has the twin bed.

After unloading some gear we headed down to the beach where the sand and the water were warm.



My dad jumped in the ocean, while I simply waded out a bit. Actually I "waited" to see if he would be stung by jellyfish or attacked by a shark. Nope, the water was safe so I stuck my feet in a bit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

After that we headed back to the room for some swimming pool and trip planning time. However, soon enough my tummy was rumbling since that burger I had earlier in the day was the only real meal I had eaten. We headed out and surveyed the very limited dining choices. Before making our final choice we stopped to watch the sun set.



We finished the evening with a surprisingly nice dinner at a bar and grill named Freckles. You would have suspected less, but it was a finer dining establishment and the red snapper was delicious. Another fine day downunder.

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