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Big Big Big Country


No bull, it's big big big downunder

Friday here in sunny, hot, fine and warm Australia. I've certainly started to love the weather forecasts here, with the frequent use of the word "fine" being used to describe the weather. It can be hot and fine, or hot and mostly fine, or even warm and fine. Fine and dandy says I.

We departed Yeppoon and the wonderful beaches for some less wonderful country driving. There's no way better of putting it, but the beaches catch your breath, while the smell behind a cattle truck makes you pinch your nose. Well, I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's get on the road .


We headed south and back through "Rocky" before driving up into the hills and towards Mount Morgan.



The town was an old mining town, and we skipped the mine tour, which also featured a dinosaur footprint. For the record, this was listed as #10 of the top 10 things to see along the route. If it had been #1 or so, maybe we would have dug deeper, but the town looked like a bad tourist trap trying to suck you in without giving you much back in return.

Seriously, we had distance to cover, so we continued the drive to Biloela for some brekkie. We found a cafe that offered a "Big Brekky" and big and tasty it was. Ahhhhhhhh, some good strong coffee to go with that and I was all set. All set for driving that is!

I switched back into the drivers seat and with the seat positioned and my sunglasses in place I opened up the car on those narrow country roads. Seriously, with little to look at besides farm land and cows, it was prime driving time. Of course the map noted Cania Gorge as a spot worth stopping for (featuring stunning views of the dam and sandstone cliffs). Here's what we saw.


Well, I used my photographic skills to get something decent, but truly is was not an amazing or worthwhile view that justified the 40 some extra kilometers we had to drive there and back. For those of you who watched the show Sifl & Oly on MTV, it featured a character named "Precious Roy". Precious Roy's motto was "making lot's of suckers out of girls and boys". Yep, this scenic site was about as precious as it gets. Suckas.

The cows were more interesting.



Back on the road south we passed through the towns of Monto, Eidsvold, Gayndah and Goomeri, which were all very small and offered nothing worth stopping for considering the temperature was reaching a mighty fine 38.


It was in one of those towns there was a "Big Orange". I was driving, so no pictures. Seriously, this is the place for big things. The Big Pineapple, the Big Orange, the Big Guitar, the Big Cow, and so on. If there's something to make big, it's bound to be found in this country.


I would like to say that the strangest thing in the town of Murgon was the featured "tinniest fossil", but to me it was the fact they had a store called Wayne's World. Seriously! I didn't have my camera ready in time and I regret not driving back for the photo, but Wayne's World in Australia. Who would have thought? Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

And as we drove through Wondai, there it was, the Big Log. Seriously.

Shorty after that we reached the lovely town on Kingaroy. All of these small towns sort of felt like you were stepping back in time back to the 1950's. The motel we checked in certainly validated that: The Bukke & Willis Motor Inn. Picture it, single level, outdoor pool, and the furnishings are as retro as can be.


We settled in and took a dip in the very cool pool. Once again my tummy was telling me it was time for a real meal, since a "big breaky" isn't meant to last all day. I looked over the restaurant list supplied from the motel info guide. We hopped in the car and headed out to find a very dark Kingaroy. Hardly anything was open and at Woolworths I asked a couple of grocery workers about the place we were seeking out. "Blackout mate" was the returned phrase. Hmmmmmmm.

We drove around and seriously just about everything was closed except for the grocery store, the gas station, a few bars and a pizza place. I guess that meant we were having pizza. My dad ordered a pasta dish and I went for the Aussie Jackaroo pizza. Seriously. Of course I was worried if Precious Roy would be making me a under cooked crust and sauce-less pizza, but when it arrived my worries went away. It was pretty darn tasty. Success. No bull about it.

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Dude. No photos of the pizza from down under?

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