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The Chasers Couldn't Get Into The RSL, But The Monkey Did


Amazing views, a great trip

My last full day in Sydney. We awoke early enough, and had some in-room instant coffee. Not the best, but good enough to get us out the door. We had a site to visit once again, and we decided to push brekkie back a bit, so we drove on by.


We headed up into the Blue Mountain vicinity, which is really a very interesting area. Back home I think of the mountains as being out in nature. Here, as we drove up it was clear that this was a heavily developed area. There were plenty of different small towns up in the mountain area, and each had it's own slogan. However, it really didn't matter, because once you reached the sites with views, you were handsomely rewarded.


The three distinct rock formations you can see are known as The Three Sisters. Ah, sort of a familiar name, don't you think? The area featured many numerous hikes and things to see and do. We headed over to Scenic World for a few of the amazing rides.


First we rode the world's steepest railway down into the valley. The ride started by going through a dark tunnel with the theme to Indiana Jones playing. Not bad. I had a hard time not thinking this was a roller-coaster ride and it would soon pick up great speed. However, the ride was soon over and we were down below ready for a walk in the woods.

The walk was on a raised platform and gave a lot of info on the mining that had been done in the area. Sort of crazy considering the steepness of the cliffs and the density of the trees. After we completed the walk we rode a cable car back up, along with many Japanese tourists.


After the cable car ride up, we rode the Scenic Skyway, which crossed a 500 meter cable across the valley. Both of these rides offered amazing views that rivaled the Grand Canyon. Yep, it was darn good.


I mentioned that there were numerous hikes around the area. At the first site, we walked to a lookout, then there was a path heading down around the Three Sisters. It was known as the path of 1000 steps. I started down it, and probably got to about 250 steps before I realized, it was not going back up, only down into the valley. My dad was waiting behind, and I realized that if I went all the way down, it would take forever to get back up, so I turned around. Oh my, these were the steepest steps I have ever walked, and going up 250 of them was hard work. !000, of them would be considered the iron-man challenge of step climbing.

After our rides were finished we headed into the town of Katoomba for some lunch. You could tell this was a touristy area, because plenty of places had kangaroo on the menu. I went with a steak sandwich, chips and a vanilla milkshake. Can you tell I am craving some familiar foods? We finished up lunch and I captured some photos of some performers across the street.


We next headed over to Wentworth Falls and went down a path that was marked as easy with a few steps. It certainly had more than a few, but once again we were rewarded heavily for our efforts. You could see another crazy trail with many steps that lead way down to the base of the falls below. Certainly not for the weak of heart, or someone who only wanted to spend a few hours around the area.



We wrapped up our Blue Mountain experience and headed back into town. The kids were getting out of school, so we had to slow down at a few school crossings.


We hit the local shopping center on the way back to our place, to secure some last minute candy purchases. Over the last few weeks, I've spotted plenty of tasty treats to bring home, but the hot weather, made those purchases prohibited. My already melted package of dark chocolate Tim Tams is sitting on the counter in our room and I'm contemplating just eating it for brekkie tomorrow.

Back at our room , we started the process of repacking for the return voyage. Around 7:00pm we decided that some dinner was in order. There was a RSL club located next to our place, and we were granted admission to the club. Based on watching an episode of The Chasers War On Everything, I knew that the RSL was harder to get into that the OPEC summit, but we were in. A final dinner of steak with a beer. Sadly, not a Coopers, but a decent beer still, and that's how this Australia trip ends.


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