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Quick, It's Almost Over


bye bye 2008

Another cliched post about the end of 2008 filled with wishful wishes for 2009? Hmmmmmm, perhaps, but that would be simply too cliched, don't you think?

I know, there's stuff like the mucked up economy to worry about, but other than that, this year started good and ended about as good as it can get. Hard to complain. Hard to make resolutions about doing something different, because what's working now, needs no changing. Hmmmm... sounds like a cliched end of the year post after all.

Time for the yearly recap? Nope. It was more than just interesting. 2008 will never be forgotten. I've got better plans for the evening, so that stuff will have to be told later. The recap of this amazing month will have to wait until next year. It's not that far off.

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