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Everything I Learned About Love Came From 80's Pop Music



What is this you ask? Well, for the record I have been making mix CDs and tapes for quite some time now. Some of them have been relatively simple, and others have had many, many, many hours of sweat poured into them. Of course after that, many of those projects were so juicy that CD players and tape decks were ruined alike. Okay, just kidding. The truth is most of these projects have seen a very limited release and if I didn't really know you, the chance of you getting a copy was non-existent.

Back in August of 2008, I started this project. At first it was going to be something different. I wanted to have some fun with 80's music, along with newer stuff. Well, after I put together a few songs, I decided to only use 80's music (99% but I don't think it will matter), and I also decided to release it to anyone and everyone who was interested via this site.

The reason I am giving you a bit of background on this project, is that I want you to understand that this isn't just another crappy mix cd. I'm predicting that it will either be the greatest or the crappiest 80s mix cd ever (depending on whether you like this sort of thing). Actually, I can promise that if you like 80's music, you will enjoy this thoroughly.

Without further ado, presents:

Everything I Learned About Love Came From 80's Pop Music


Running time: 60 minutes
Tracks: 22

The 20 main tracks feature around 115 songs from the 1980's. I'm not going to post the track list on here, because the song titles are something I want you to experience as you listen to the CD. It's worth it, trust me.

Limited release: 25 copies.

For my initial release here, I'm limiting it to 25 total copies via this site. I might expand it later, but I might not, so don't expect this offer to remain around forever. So, if you want this, don't hesitate, act fact.

Cost: $1.99

Yes, there is a cost of $1.99. Sure in these tough economic times, that is probably enough money to feed your family of four at McDonalds, but seriously, the aftertaste is much worse. Instead feed your family on some musical goodness as only the monkey can deliver.

For the record I am really only changing for materials and the cost to ship it to you. Yes, this CD will be shipped to you for $1.99 total. (If you live outside of the USA, then your shipping cost will be higher).

Alright, so if you are interested (and if you are not there's something wrong with you) click the CONTACT link on my side bar and send me an email. I will reply with the paypal info and your CD will be shipped directly to you after the bargain payment of $1.99 is received. Pretty easy eh?

I've always wanted to say this: Act fast, CDs are limited!

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Kim said:

I personally learned a lot about love from "Whip it". Thus, explains a lot about me. lol

Great blog, I'm glad I found it! Good luck with your CD!

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