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Great, Now Bikers Can Run Stop Signs


Stop signs are evil

It appears that momentum towards a law known as the Idaho Stop Law is gaining ground in Oregon. An article in The Bulletin today explained that cyclists can be ticketed for not coming to a complete stop at stop signs (yep, happens all the time), and this law would allow them to treat them more as yield signs. Hmmmmmm

Wait a second. Aren't, you, the monkey, an avid cyclist? Why, yes I am! Do I think that a law like this needs to be passed? Not really. Why? Well, as I see if there is hardly a large number of police officers out trying to bust cyclists for not coming to complete stops (seriously). I have a feeling that if a law like this is passed, it's going to create more problems than it solves.

Good cyclists already know when and where they can roll through stop signs and where the idea is ludicrous. Picture a cyclist approaching a 4-way stop sign intersection. If a naive cyclist simply slows down and advances without it truly being their turn, it will cause problems. The real problem is if there is a law allowing them to simply yield, it will give some morons the idea that they can apply it everywhere and ride faultlessly, by not stopping.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, none of this is really why this law is even on the table. So why is it on the table? Thankfully, the BTA has a nice Frequently Asked Questions about Idaho Stop Law page to answer that:

While bicycling is fun and good for you, it does require some physical effort, and stopping and starting are when the most effort is required. Starting and stopping reduces the efficiency of cycling and is a deterrent to many people.

Yes, you read it right here. Stop signs are to blame for people not wanting to ride their bikes.

There's nothing I hear more often around the office than, "I would have biked today, but those damn stop signs deterred me again!"

Sucks, doesn't it? Our dependance on foreign oil is therefor caused by stop signs. The majority of the population being overweight is caused by stop signs. Global warming, yep, stop signs. Stop signs! Stop signs! Damn them all! Wow, I think the idea of this new law is growing on me. Obviously this will fix these problems. The world will be a better place and people will smile more often.

I feel much better now.

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Dave Goodman said:

I think we need a law that bicyclists riding at night must have Xmas lights all over the bike and themselves. Same for pedestrians. I don't know how many times I've almost hit someone at night who was totally dark, dressed in dark clothes, where there are no streetlights. Must be a couple times a week.

Melissa said:

That is a ridiculous quote.
I like how you linked earth's destruction to stopping. Nice logical chain of consequences.

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