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It's Time To Come Clean, My Blog Used Steriods In 2004


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Yep, the days of 2004 weren't always bright and sunny for this blog. I know it might make more sense to think that athletes alone required PEDs to produce at higher levels, but this blog also was under high pressure to perform. Let me explain...

First up, it was the year of the monkey and I had to step it up. I couldn't just sit back and be overshadowed by wardrobe malfunctions on TV or troubles with the Jail Blazers (as they were known back then). I was trying to be righteous, even areligious fanatic at times, but when the Bulletin story broke, the blog caved in and begin juicing up.

While Andy Kaufman was staging a triumphic return, the blog one-up-ted it all by relaunching with a new design. It also lead to winning t-shirts, poker, and monkeys in parades. Yep, the site was all over the place. Blogs on the juice can go just about anywhere.

Dot net lost it. Fair entry overload , Red Robin rants , in general, madness.

What could the blog do with a junkie at the helm? Thankfully, the hard facts were faced, and it was known that 2005 would come and the blog could get through it without being all juiced up.

I hope, you can move on and not judge a blog for being under pressure, for feeling the need to perform at a higher level, or falling to a truly dark place. humbly apologizes.

Now, let the book deals begin!

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