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My, the times have changed. Kenny Loggins is no longer on the charts, but these two made a grand entrance on the red carpet for the Oscars. Oh dear, has this blog really reduced itself to reporting on events from last Sunday? Well, I probably had little intentions of writing about it, but when SJP finished talking about her dress, the question she was given next was "So, I hear there's a new Sex & The City movie in the works". Yep, indeed.

The first movie never sat well with me. Not that I wasn't a fan of the show or anything, but the movie was disappointing in many senses. The characters lives basically became train wrecks and I was waiting for them to all jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and give us mercy as the movie progressed. Of course, the cliche' happy ending was shoveled down our throats with a heavy dose of that fake movie theater butter that they pump onto the pop corn. It didn't sit well in my stomach.

So, Carrie and Big got married. Wasn't that the event that every fan of the show wanted? Big, being what is was, has about only one course of action for a sequel: couples therapy at best. His nocuous notions will surface. Sure, he's suaver than most, but that never kept him from getting into trouble in the past. Patterns. Yep.

Sure, it will make massive amounts of money. Mano Blahnik, Fendi, Burka, and countless other brands you won't find at Target will once again be flaunted like only how the SATC girls know how to flaunt them.

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Ms. O said:

1. suaver...

2. Train wrecks? I object...

3. A wedding ceremony with the couple and a judge. Sounds lovely not cliched...

4. ;)

monkeyinabox said:

1. suaver INDEED!

2. Steve cheats on Miranda. Yeah, they get back together at the end, but the issues will always be there.

Carrie was a wreck most of the movie.

Samantha leaves Smith.

3. Yeah, the final wedding was sweet, but I would have felt no remorse for Carrie if she would have popped Mr. Big with a 38, just like his good old Law & Order days, based on what he did to her.

4. ;) ;)

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