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So, I'm Dating An Ex-Cuban Cigar Smuggler


The Conspiracy in Dating

I'll admit that fresh off the Daylight Savings Time clock adjustment, starting with a profound statement like that is no easy task. Does it deserve further explanation, or is it good enough just as a juicy detail? Perhaps a better question is why has the monkey not been cranking out entries with a fever that demands your attention and puts you on the edge of your computer chair? Good questions indeed. Maybe some revealing and further discovery are required before we get there.

Yep, through the process of discovery, we learn things that initial observations alone might not have revealed. Had I really known about the previous cigar smuggling, would my opinions of my situation have changed? Perhaps not. Something like that is certainly a juicy bit of information that can be slyly inserted into everyday conversations. Let me show you what I mean.

As I walked into the office kitchen and noticed the coffee pot was empty, I could exclaim: "Damn, I should have placed an order of coffee to go with my smuggled cigars". That would be a sure way to get looks, and probably a better apology from the fiend who forgot to start the next pot brewing.

Of course it could all backfire, and I might get a response like, "Ewwww, cigars, and smuggling! You scruffy nerf herders are all the same". Not exactly the sort of statement you want spat into your face on any given day. So, obviously there's a bit of risk involved with making such a profuse proclamation.

As I sit back down with my cup of freshly brewed coffee, I'm thinking that such a statement needs to be very carefully played instead of just tossed out there on a whim. But as previously mentioned, it's certainly something worth having in my back pocket for when I need it.

So, does that answer any of the questions about what the monkey has been up to lately? Nope. Maybe I'll just have to keep you waiting a little longer. My coffee is still hot and the cigars haven't arrived quite yet.

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Ms. O said:

You wish you were that cool... ;)

Melissa said:

Oo. Mysterious...

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