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The Man In The Rabbit Suit Wasn't Around In 1933


No fear

Less than a month ago in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke some famous words during his inauguration:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

It's hard to look at the news these days without some fear of the current economy. However, that fear alone is not the only fear that rules us. I was listening to a photography podcast today and they broached the subject of fear and how it can limit your creativity:

Fear is not a bad thing. On the contrary, you have to embrace fear, because when you know you are afraid of something, it's because it's something new or something you most likely haven't tried before, so that if you succeed you will become a better person. If you want to grow, you can't avoid things simply because of fear.

I think it's pretty easy to take a statement like that and apply it to more than just creativity. It can apply to business, to you as a person, to your job, and it can be applied to about anything in your life as well in regards to which you resist simply because of the fear of uncertainty.

A column in the latest newsletter from the Bend Chamber featured a column that broached on the subject of fear as well, and featured some good quotes from author Richard J. Machowicz:

Nothing good comes from fear. Not better thoughts, not keener vision, not better action, not better results.

Yep, there's nothing better than a bunch of quotes about fear, to scare the fear out of you:

Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.

Yep, climbing out on tree limbs has little to do with safety. Playing it safe never leads to anything beyond the predictable. I like to think that the monkey himself has pushed himself through different fears to reach different achievements. I'm especially proud of dispelling the fear about a long drive and high gas prices. The fear was pushed aside as prices fell and I found the drive to be a piece of cake, even with snow for miles and miles and miles.

What could I ever be talking about here? Yep, the fabulous woman who I am now planning our Summer wedding with. There's no fear in that, even as things are rising (such as the guest list) and the tasks we have ahead of ourselves. She's an expect prom planner, so she's rising to the occasion. The lack of fear is also a very positive thing, because it's not keeping our creativity from rising to the occasion as well.

I might have to post a photo treat soon. I promise it won't be a man in a rabbit suit either.

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keeneye said:

Absolutely post a photo of the monkeyBrideToBe.... :)

Where are the nuptials going to take place? Will you stay in Bend after the wedding?

monkeyinabox said:

We're doing the ceremony in Astoria, and the monkeyBrideToBe is relocating to Bend.

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