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The Teacher & The Architect Present The Sites


Site selections

With the invitations now in our hands, things are moving along nicely. I can't believe it was three weeks ago that we finally decided on our site for the ceremony. Well, The Teacher had already procured the reception site, but we looked at a few different ceremony sites, and decided on Shively Hall after checking it out.

Shively Hall

Considering the fact that we are having the wedding in Astoria, a coastal town, it made the most sense to pick a site inland. Gotcha. Well, after walking numerous sites along the Columbia River or Pacific, the wind was very apparent. All of those sites were also very noisy. When we walked up to Shively Hall, the serenity and calmness was so apparent that we both knew this was it.

Shively Hall

Even though it was early April when we visited, the site was already green, and by July it's going to be gorgeous.

Shively Hall

Also given the fact that it's in late July, we're pretty safe to assume there won't be snow. Rain, well, that could be another matter, so we'll make sure we have a backup plan in place as well.

Red Building

The Teacher knew about the Red Building, and I trusted her sweet judgement on picking it for the reception. We have no worries about rain, snow, or coastal winds either. The exposed structure is also a real treat. There's some potential awesome photo possibilities from the beams. I just need to convince one of the photographers that the climb will be worth it.

Red Building

With the sites selected we have already jumped for joy. I didn't even catch any slack from The Teacher for posting concert reviews before posting this. Ahhhhhhh. More to come...

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Ms. O said:

I went to Shively Park today with Terry. We were working on tactical manuvers for the The Day. He was pleased.

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