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It Always Comes Back To Chicken & Waffles


And the winner is...

Dressing in layers, wearing a face mask or balaclava is key, as well as having a good pair of gloves. Yes indeed, it's Spring cycling in Central Oregon time again. Last year, snow kept falling into early May, which meant that my bike commuting was pushed back as well. This year, it was mostly schedule conflicts and rain that set me back, but today marked the first day of my bike commuting to work for 2009. There's nothing like a lovely Spring morning ride with the Arctic breeze blowing through your hair (or lack of).

I love three-day weekends. But, it wasn't a three-day weekend, you might say. The Teacher and myself were creative about scheduling an appointment and extending the weekend a bit to avoid a case of The Mondays. Yes indeed, straight to Tuesday for us.

Thrice a winner? Well, with the bonus of an extra weekend day, that was almost as good as winning something. With yesterday being free of any Cascade Camera Club meetings, I had a rare chance to make it to Jake's Diner for the Monday Hold'em for Habitat poker tournament. Seriously, I picked up a sandwich at Safeway directly upon returning to Bend, went home and had about 15 minutes to eat and get back in the car and head over to Jake's.

I probably gave my strategy for the night about 5 minutes thought. With poker you can never plan anything completely down to the wire. There's always some luck involved, and no matter how good you play, things don't always work out. I was happy when Lyle greeted me at the door and complimented me on the Save The Date photo The Teacher and myself sent out.

Last night was one of the nights where things worked out when they needed to. The table I played at was fairly conservative, and with only a minute before the rebuy option was gone I was dealt AA. Prior to the last chance to rebuy, people go crazy and go all-in with almost anything. I was very happy when three others went all-in after the flop. I was a little worried, but called. Luckily things worked out, because it took more than that one pair to win, but I acquired a nice chip stack and was well ahead, rather than dragging behind for the rest of the evening.

Later in the night I busted Lyle's son Casey, who was the previous week's winner. That gave me a free dinner certificate. Sort of a nice surprise since I didn't really pay attention to who was the "the target" last night. Not long after that, the final table was set. I didn't play too tight or too loose, and it helped setting things up as more players busted out.

When there was three of us left, I really knew that I wanted to make it to the final two and that it was attainable as long as I didn't make any stupid plays. I've been pretty happy with my heads up play, and usually feel that no matter who has more chips, a comeback is always possible if played right. Thankfully, things continued to work out, I was able to catch hands that were good enough to frustrate and confuse the other player. I think he honestly thought he had it all wrapped up when we started heads up play. After a fairly long night I emerged victorious.

Why thrice a winner? This morning I discovered that my Save the Date photoshoot entry (which also featured a contest entry link) had won the contest for a ring (well $120 credit) from Superior Wedding Rings. Not bad since this was something still on the list of items we needed to get.

Now, if I can just confirm that Jake's still has Chicken and Waffles, I could score another victory.

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Lyle Hicks said:

Congratulations Chris! I was getting a little nervous in the head to head but you did it buddy.

BTW, I do have chicken and waffles but it is not on the menu. When I talk about it with people they usually say something like "Ew".

monkeyinabox said:

Good to know that. Will I get an odd look from the waitress if I order it, or should I just stick with "four fried chickens, some dry toast, and a coke"?

Lyle Hicks said: might want to ask for me first.

Or just ask for Chicken Strips and Waffles.

My picky grandson loves them.

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