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O Historic Monkey Business

Wow, how times flies. A short work week after a long weekend, yep, a long weekend with plenty of monkey business and historic moments. Ahhhhhh... Well, to start the belated recap, last Friday I headed for Eugene to meet up with The Teacher who was also a part-time coach for the Astoria High School track team. Last week was the state finals in Eugene, and it was good food, even for a track and field rookie.

I headed out nice and early, and with a two-hour drive instead of a 4-hour one, I was able to take it a little easier on the drive. This gave me a chance to stop at Sahalie Falls and take some photos of the scenic surrounds.

Sahalie Falls

The falls are very scenic (as previously mentioned) and I walked down the trail a little bit and enjoyed being in the forest on such a nice day. Of course, I had a track meet to get to, so I didn't dilly dally too much, and got back in the car and continued on my way.

State track and field

It was a beautiful day at Historic Hayward Field. Hmmmmm... I started thinking that it had been a while since I was last here. I didn't remember the "historic" wording on my previous visit there. Let's see, when was that anyway?

State track and field

Yep, graduation! And look, I was correct, it wasn't deemed "historic" until after I graduated there. AND no, I didn't graduate back in the 70's, that photo is just sub-par quality on here.

State track and field

Back to the actual track meet. For The Teacher this had been a normal part of her life for the last 10+ years. For The Architect this was not the norm (obviously). However, it was entertaining, and offered plenty of great photo opportunities.

State track and field

Day one (the qualifying day) was good fun. After the day's events finished we headed out for dinner. This didn't just include The Teacher and myself, but instead included the entire track team and the other coaches. Of course for the night, we didn't have to share a room with the entire team, but we did have to share the remote control.

State track and field

The fight didn't last long.

State track and field

Day two started up with The Teacher and myself hitting Costco for some track team staples. We didn't have to get moving too early, so it certainly wasn't grueling helping out. We made our way back to the UofO, and the hardest part was carrying the massive pack of bottled waters to the field.

State track and field

The events of the day featured some awesome performances. The odd part was that it featured events for 4A, 5A, and 6A schools. So, sometimes you saw an amazing athlete in 4A, that you wished you could have seen race against the best from 5A and 6A. Even for a track and field rookie, this was apparent.

The biggest running stars were Henley's Taylor Wallace who dominated every event she was in (almost lapping the entire field in some of the longer running races). Summit's Kellie Schueler was also amazing and beat the field easily in her events. In the relay matches, if Summit was even close by the time Schueler started, it was a easy victory for the Summit relay team. Dominating athletes are fun to watch at all levels.

State track and field

There were some standouts in the boys as well. My favorite runner had to be Ontario's Matt Anthony who had crazy hair and danced around the field before dominating his races. In the 100m, he put up a 10.88, and set the state record. Speaking of records, Gresham's Sam Crouser was a beast with the javelin. It was fun watching him throw and the entire crowd reacting. The best was when he threw 231'-01" (setting a national high school record). After the throw he received a standing ovation from the crowd. It was awesome indeed.

After a long day of events The Teacher and myself headed back to Astoria for the rest of the weekend. We stopped for a late dinner at Olive Garden in Salem (which is like a visit to a Tuscan Villa in itself), and then returned to the drive. Even when it's grueling, we make sure to stop and smell the roses (or eat the pasta).

Astoria Sunday market

The next day we visited the Sunday market for some lunch and general browsing of the wares. There were lot's of people in attendance, including many who brought their dogs, and one guy who brought a rat.

Astoria Sunday market

For lunch, The Teacher had the gyro, and I had a mean Philly steak sandwich. It was darn tasty. After seeing all we needed to see, we headed out. We did a brief stop at Dairy Queen and then off for some more exploring and historical enrichment at Fort Clatsop.

Fort Clatsop

I previously missed out on a visit to the fort back when I was apart of a Girl Scout Lewis and Clark field trip (because it burned down). So, this was a chance to rectify that. Plus, it was a lovely place to pose for photos as well.

Fort Clatsop

Since this was a longer weekend, we still had another day ahead of us. That meant, we needed more chips. A little stop at the country store on the drive back from the fort solved that problem, not that it really was a problem.

The Teacher gets chips

The only problem right now, is that The Teacher is over there, and I am here. We are planning to rectify that situation as well ASAP. Awesome.

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