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Cycling Shorts Aren't Made For This Weather


rain, bah humbug

Wow Scooby Doo, that was freaky deaky yesterday. There was rain, there was thunder, there was hail, and there was a lot of it. Not really a big deal while I was at work, sitting behind my desk listening to it pound the skylights (yes, the rain was that hard). It became more of an issue however when it was time for me to leave work and head home. Yesterday I biked to work, which normally in June isn't too bad. It can be cold, it can be wet, but yesterday was a completely new experience for me.

When you are a kid, puddles are fun to ride through, but my intention was to get home as dry as I possibly could. The rain subsided, so that at least was in my favor. I was able to avoid some massive flooding at several roundabouts. The ride was going good until I hit a massive puddle at the east-end of the Colorado bridge. Drats. My shoes and socks were completely soaked through. I had debated not wearing socks, but I don't think it would have made much of a difference.

After reaching the dogbone where Bond heads into the Old Mill District it got very nasty. The hail had been extreme in this area, and the bike lanes were seriously filled with 5" of hail. Traffic was moving relatively slowly, so I moved into the traffic lane and kept up. On a good day, it's doable, but with completely soaked shoes and socks, it was a drag, literally.

As I pedaled in my warm weather riding gear (shorts, fingerless gloves), it was odd because the landscape looked more like Winter than a few weeks away from Summer. I was cold, mostly from being very wet, but it wasn't nearly as cold as Winter levels.

With weather reports of similar conditions today, I decided to skip riding the bicycle today. I didn't even think my riding shoes were dry this morning anyway. Thanks Mother Nature, you owe me one.

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