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Failure Was Not An Option



Over the last month, when I wasn't busy photographing roundabout art with the camera mounted on a ten-foot PVC pipe, or traveling for adventures with The Teacher, I've also been studying like a mad man possessed. Why? This past Monday I knocked out another test and became a LEED Accredited Professional.

Last year I was a testing fool, with over 10 tests in some form or another, so doing just one this time around was much easier. What was my motivation for this one? Well, honestly it had to do with the fact that it adds to my marketability as an architect, but also the USGBC (US Green Building Council) was about to release a new test which made it quite a bit harder to become accredited as a LEED professional. Seriously, this caused a LEED stampede nationwide as well as at the firm I work for. Three more people in my office are scheduled to take the exam before the end of the month, I just beat them all to it, since the end of this month is going to be more hectic in other aspects of my life.

The Teacher wrapped up her final days at Astoria High, which was both bittersweet and closing that chapter of her life and the starting of a new one: Bend Living with Monkey Antics, or something along those lines. The best part is that school is out for Summer! Good timing indeed, since wedding planning is picking up as well. Registering for Legos and that sort of thing. Busy, busy, busy we are.

I'm also saving some good stuff for post number 700, which draws near.

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