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#700 Because You Can Only Write About Roundabouts For So Long


#700 Moxie Indeed

Things have been a bit sporadic with updates on here of late. Was the monkey kidnapped, held hostage, or on a long vacation? Nope. House hunting and other endeavors have taken up much of The Architects time lately and now the actual move has started. Boxes are being packed and even though my move isn't involving any great distance, a move is still a move, thus requiring a lot of work.

Last weekend did involve some time visiting The Teacher in Astoria and getting all of the parents together as well for a meet and greet. Fine helpings of fish and chips was the method we used for the feastings of first acquaintances. Hard to go wrong with a good meal of fried foods.

The weekend also featured further discovery of The Teacher's superhero name and I discovered that she did indeed do battle with The Riddler in the past. Seriously, it's stuff like this that takes time to discover, because it's rarely revealed on casual first or early encounters. This is the stuff that serious relationships reveal, and ours is a little more than simply serious, in fact topping Yahoo Serious, if I do say so myself.

Now, for those who do not truly understand the process of discovery, I'd like to illustrate it further for you here. Yep, once again a fine lesson is going to be given for you, for free. Life is good, as said over pizza:

said over pizza

said over pizza

said over pizza

said over pizza

said over pizza

said over pizza

Yep, discovery INDEED!

said over pizza

We choose to remain calm, expect sometimes it is fun to go wild and, oh I don't know, panic.

The Architect loves The Teacher.

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Ms. O said:

I love you so much.

Ms. O said:

Also, that orange cream soda was GOOD.

keeneye said:

OH MY GOD! MINI MONKEYS!!!!!! (seriously?)

Like, for real and stuff?

Oh man. Wow and WOW! and a big WOWOWOWOWW for emphasis!!!!!

Melissa said:

Mazel tov! Congrats! Hear hear! Wonderful news.

You know on that life-event stress test, you're out of the park.

Jake said:

Have you seen the Monkey, Keeneye? The likelihood of them being small is pretty slim.

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