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The Recap Of All Things That Happen In Parade And Coffee Cups


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How many times do you say to yourself, "First i'll do some work, then reward myself with coffee", or "First, I need some coffee, then I can do my work". Yep, it's almost as classic as the "which came first, the chicken or the egg?", but rather "which came first, the coffee or the work getting finished?".

As I sit here with a fine afternoon coffee, I'm also looking back on the past week that once again flew by. Honestly, these days I need to reflect on what happened, before the next events start happening.

So, last weekend was the 4th of July. The Teacher and myself discussed the different options on where and who we'd be spending the day around and with. It was a hard decision for me, but this year I skipped The Pet Parade in downtown Bend. Yep, the monkey wagon's wheels didn't roll this year.

But, did I miss out on a wacky parade? Nope, The Teacher and myself witnessed the brilliance of the Warrenton Oregon Parade. Now, while there was a serious lack of monkeys in wagons, in it's place was a Sarah Palin look-alike, wacky political preachers, and rolling displays from weapons consignment shops. Odd indeed. The Coast Guard had a helicopter do a flyover, and there also was an older plane that flew by as well. Plenty of things that you never see in Bend, so while it wasn't the same thing, it certainly offered plenty of oddities and ends to look at.

If words are simply not enough for you, I also took some photos, not that me taking photos should be a surprise.

Also, since I was on the coast for fireworks display, it meant no chance of catching the butte burn down, but rather the chance to witness charred seals and seagulls. In Astoria, a huge portion of the population comes down to the waterfront to watch the town's display. We joined The Teacher's sisters family and took up a good spot. A good spot until the show started, that was.

Since they tend to move the location of the actual display each year, we positioned ourselves so that a nice big groove of trees blocked our view. So, quickly after the show started we gathered up all of our goodies and moved to a location where you could actually see. The downside was that I had to quickly move my camera setup and honestly in the hustle I forget to verify that I had a good focus on the display.

Oh well, it could have been worse. I didn't miss out on the water catching fire or any seagulls exploding or anything out of the ordinary. Just a fine and dandy display over the water. So, in recap a wacky parade and a fine and dandy fireworks display. Sounds about par for the course.

And, this coffee tastes darn good indeed too. Time to hit the road once again.

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