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Consistent Inconsistence And How It Rivals Consistence


indeed consistency

After a weak start to my bike commuting, I've gotten back on track in full force. Prior to last week, I was consistently not being consistent, and since then I've been consistently consistent. It's not like I was being a slacker or anything, but rather other stuff was taking precedence. It could be the same reason why blog entries drop off on occasion, and flourish at others.

Another factor out there is simply the numerous locations to put your thoughts. Yep, blogs are still king, but Facebook steals from blogs, and Twitter steals from Facebook and blogs. I find it fascinating how Facebook will repost your blog entries, not even requiring you to visit the actual site of the blog. Sort of sucks when you feature richer flavored content, rather than just plain vanilla writing.

Don't get me wrong, I think Facebook is great. If you want to re-connect with old friends or acquaintances, it can't be beat. And the price? Free. Hard to beat that too. I do have a co-worker that dispises contact with old friends and classmates, so it you do as well, then by all means, STAY AWAY. Blogs and Twitter don't encourage that sort of reconnecting, which could be a good thing. The downside of course with blogs, or Twitter is the way they force you to be consistently consistent. Facebook requires a little less of that.

To make matters even more difficult, there's numerous rules you must follow as well.

Getting away from the abstract consistency, and back to consistent reality, The Teacher is beyond consistently busy as the one-week to the big day draws near. Bravo to her. After this weekend I will head back north to assist as well. Consistently exciting times these are!

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