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no motivation required

This year has hardly been one for the books, as far as my bike commuting goes. Certainly big events and smaller ones have taken their toll on my totals. With all that said, it's week three of September's Bike Commute Challenge. I find it interesting that some of the other riders in the office made bold statements about participating with a passion never seen before, and a few weeks later they can't even remember what a bike even is.

I'm sure this example could be used elsewhere: hobbies, blogs, etc... I'm sure you can see where I'm going here. In the office I work at, we've been discussing thoughts of producing a newsletter, or having constant updates on the company website. Sure, these things sound great, but if an idea like this isn't implemented along with a plan on how to maintain it, forget about it lasting more than a few months. Something else will distract you. You'll either be too busy to spend time on it, or you'll get bored with it.

Think about stuff that you have less passion for. Washing the dishes, laundry, mowing the grass, etc... I doubt anyone first approaches these chores as more than that: chores. With mundane tasks, you simply do them and get them done. You don't need to get all pumped up and scream "I'M GONNA DO THOSE DISHES, WOO HOO!!!!!". Nope, you just do them.

This is sort of how I approach my bike commuting. I don't look at the weather forecast to see if it's going to be a good day to ride. I don't think about what days will work best with my schedule. I don't wake up and decide if I feel too tired or not. I just get on the bike, and start pedaling. Right pedal, left pedal, repeat, repeat, repeat.

As I already mentioned, this year I'm down in my numbers. So what? Did that mean I should have packed it in and given up? Did that mean I would have needed some sort of motivational cookie to get me back on track? Or would I just jump back on and resume the regularly scheduled program?

Yep, I chose the latter with no motivational speech from Matt Foley required. "Well, la-dee-frickin-da!".

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