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The Upgrade, The Old Model, And The Fear Of Change


I want to believe

Are they the mindless sheep, or the cutting-edge adapters of change, or something else for all that matters?

If It's not broken, then why fix it?

If you got burned last time, why would you be trusting this time around?

All are good questions, and maybe I'm picking the launch day of Windows 7 as a good day for this type of post. Maybe it has everything to do with computers and software and maybe it has nothing to do with it at all. You decide.

I think propaganda has long influenced us, that if we go a certain direction, buy a certain product, dress a certain way, or eat a certain food, that are lives will really become that much better. Think of all the slogans used over the last few decades:

Where do you want to go today?
Have it your way
I'm Lovin' It

I know two of those have nothing to do with any Windows advertising campaign, but seriously all of them could have been used.

For the record, I'm coming from a background of maintaining more than ten computers in a smaller professional office environment. We're not using the computers for just internet surfing and email, but for doing actual work. I could care less about shiny buttons, animated windows, floating clocks, or any of that other OS BS that's sold as major features. Windows 2000 looked the same as Windows 98, but it ran SO MUCH better in terms of reliability that I quickly grasped the concept that an OS didn't have to look different to run better. Maybe that's the reason I set my XP installations to have the classic look.

Windows 98 sucked, Windows 2000 rocked and Windows XP was an improvement as well. Vista? FLOP. Remember Windows ME? Probably not, simply because it was a flop and offered no reason to upgrade. Maybe if you were running Windows 98 it made sense, but hardly.

My major point comes to this: why upgrade or change if nothing is broken? Seriously, we are not going to have touch screens any time soon at work, and if none of the other OS BS really makes a difference, why would we upgrade to Windows 7? Systems are running fine, so why spend the money when the economy is tight anyway? Nope, it won't happen. If we were buying new computers, sure, then it would make sense, but otherwise, NOPE. I hardly doubt that anything will be worse off for not upgrading either.

Old and obsolete? Not really. Fear? Nope, experience and wisdom.

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