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It Was A Bit Warmer Back In July


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With a thick cloud cover overhead this morning, I seriously experienced one of my warmest October bike commutes in recent memory. No frost covering the numerous leaves and apples strewn across my route, just a warmish wind that was strong, but it blew in the right directions and didn't harass me. Of course it could be raining, hailing, snowing or completely sunny later. You never know in Central Oregon.

A day that truly had perfect weather was back in late July. I'll have to get very specific and say that it was the 31st that was the perfect day.

Oh, and because not everyone is one Facebook, I have to put my Facebook content on my blog, which will appear also on Facebook, which will link back to my blog, and so on....

Think about that. It's an endless loop.

Sara & Chris - Wedding Album from Chris on Vimeo.

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