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No snow

Saturday morning was not a morning for sleeping in. The Teacher and myself (along with the kiddo and the dog) hopped into the car and hit the road. There was only a light dusting of snow on the ground, so my earlier checking of Tripcheck confirmed the decision to avoid the snowy mountain pass for the less snowy route via The Dalles. So, bright and early we left Bend for the open country.

By missing Government Camp, we instead got to experience the wonders of Maupin Oregon. This is a city known for river rafting and other activities related to the river and rafts. I had a hard time not thinking of Deliverance as we drove through. The Teacher agreed with my observation and we kept a keen eye out for any kids with banjos.

After reaching The Dalles we simply cruised down I-84 and only experienced some rain. Yep, that was it for our bad driving weather: rain.

In Portland we had a few missions before we rendezvoused with The Teachers dad. First on our agenda was visiting IKEA. The Teacher had boasted many times about IKEA's Sweedish meatballs, which I wondered if they came in a flat-pack or were actually round. While we didn't actually eat any meatballs, I did confirm that they are indeed round. And if one rolled off the table...oh wait, that's another story.

After following the arrows in IKEA, we headed to Roses for some lunch. The Roses on 23rd Street was the first meal The Teacher and myself shared, so it was nice to revisit the restaurant for a second time together, this time hitched. Yes, a bacon and blue cheese burger tastes even better when you are married. Ahhhhhh...

We walked a few blocks from Roses to Pro Photo Supply where I hoped to pick up a backpack, but they didn't have the model I was looking for, so no luck in buying local. Amazon makes things too easy for shoppers.

The real reason we drove to Portland wasn't for the meatballs or Roses, rather The Teachers dad was meeting us, so that he could take her back to Astoria in order for her to make it to one of the families early Thanksgiving meals today. Yes, talk about lucky. The Teacher will get to experience two Thanksgivings. Oh wait, I think I did tell her that I was planning on getting us another turkey for a post-Thanksgiving turkey meal. So, she might get three turkey feasts.

After she departed with her dad, the kiddo and I hit Voodoo Doughnuts 2 for a sugar hit, before hitting the road. You gotta love a place that gives their food naughty names and puts bacon on maple bars.

We did the same route in reverse and saw the only snow flurries of our trip as we neared Redmond. Of course it snowed last night, so the driveway gave me enough of my taste for November snow.

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Shannon said:

I love that drive. I only adds 30 mins to the trip, ya know.
I'm now craving Swedish Meatballs!

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