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25 Days Of A November Christmas


25 Days of a November Christmas

"Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done yet?", The Teacher and I were asked as we drove through Burger King last night around 9:00pm after indeed doing some Christmas shopping. WHAT!?!? It was still November! Geez...

Okay, now it's December. Ask me again later.

Yeah, no post-turkey write-up yet, so here it is. It was indeed turkey-licious despite the fact that we would have made Martha Stewart hit us over the head repeatedly with a pumpkin. Turkey cooked in a bag, Stove Top Stuffing, store made pies and canned cranberries. I did take some pride in my mashed potatoes, even though I didn't make enough.

Overall, it still was a damn tasty meal. A lot better than last years Thanksgiving bacon cheeseburger at Ayers Rock. Not being 8,000 miles away from The Teacher was a nice touch as well.

We didn't really feast on many leftovers, since we were staying at The Teachers brother's house, while the leftovers were at here parents house. Oh well, that's what our second Thanksgiving will feature more of. Yes, we still have plans of more turkey. More, more, more!

Maybe I'll stuff a Twinkee inside it this time too. Tur-Twinkee, here we come.

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