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The New Rules Of Cell Phone Use Demystified


I fought the law and I won

Yesterday's Bend Bulletin featured an article: When January's cell phone ban goes into effect, what will be allowed? with the following graphic:

Bulletin Cell Phone Rules

Seems pretty clear to me, however the verbiage about what and who is exempt from the new rules was not. I can also say that I agree that texting is very dangerous, but holding a phone to your ear? Isn't dialing the phone just as bad as texting? So, why isn't that banned? The more you look into this new law the more it frustrates and confuses you.

Here's the addendum graphic that was missing in the paper:

monkeyinabox Cell Phone Rules

Seriously, there's plenty of things more dangerous than holding a phone to your ear, so you might as well take advantage of them while you can. You'll never know when THE MAN will come to take away your right to hold a banana to your ear. Fight the power.

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