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How Did I Almost Forgot The Mention The Pizza Trifecta Last Week


trifecta write. Okay, seriously, it was last week and now that the Olympics are over I can focus on other things like last weeks "pizzatastic" week. Yes, the wonderful taste in my mouth still lingers.

Last Tuesday, The Teacher, Mighty Magnus and I went for a pizza at Pisano's Pizza in NorthWest Crossing. We ordered up a humble pizza and when it arrived I got my planned shot with Magnus, momma and the tasty pie:

The mighty pizza

Okay, maybe a 25" pizza isn't all that humble.

Owner, Ed Barbeau, is a nice guy and it could be the fact that a 6'-8" guy isn't all that forgettable, but it's nice going to places that know you're a regular. You get all sorts of perks like drinking straws and extra napkins. Yes, any fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm would appreciate the bonus of extra napkins.

I asked him about the pizza he was entering in the International Pizza Challenge. It wasn't that I have psychic pizza abilities (PPA for short), but rather that I saw his interview in the Bend Bulletin a few weeks prior about competing with a Kobe beef pizza (It's fitting with writing this now, since the competition is happening on this very day).

Now, when I read about the pizza I was somewhat bummed by the article in the paper stating:

The Kobe beef pizza is not on the Pisano's menu and was developed for the event.

While we were ordering our humble pizza, Ed mentioned that they would be serving that pizza the following two nights! Damn! We went out for pizza one night too early! I think Ed could see the disappointment in my eyes, and said "If you come back for it, I'll give you $10 off the price". Tempting, indeed.

So, pizza for dinner on Tuesday, pizza for lunch on Wednesday, and on Thursday night.... we returned for another pizza: the slightly smaller 16" Kobe Beef Pizza. I didn't bring my camera for this pizza, I only brought my pizza loving taste buds. How was the pizza with rare Kobe beef strips, fresh mozzarella, Alfredo sauce, Maui onions, red & green onions topped with a spicy wine reduction sauce? Amazing!

Seriously, If I could order this again, I would, even with or without the extra napkins.

Three straight days of Pisano's Pizza. Life is good.

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Alice Klein said:

This is a great piece! I have never had Pisano pizza but now after viewing the sheer artistry of that humble pizza I will have to give them a try. How I wish I would have known about the once in a life time Kobe beef pizza before it was too late. Sounds great though :)

The Wife said:

Pisano's is the BEST.

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