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A Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Interesting Things


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A few weeks have passed since The Teacher went under the knife. During that time, night time baby duty was a split between her mom and myself. Popping out of bed at random times after only a few hours of sleep is not something I love doing. Truly, sleep deprivation is not something you want to mess with. At least during the past week (when I was in charge) it was sort of a vacation week. That didn't really result in much sleeping in however, or lounging by a swimming pool, or anything along those lines, but at least I didn't have to perform duties at work in addition.

Yesterday was Easter. I could tell I didn't get quite enough sleep the night before, and there was no coffee in the house. Yes, during the past week I drank up all of my coffee, something that I normally don't do at home, but it was essential during the prior week. Would Peeps and Cadbury Cream Eggs be enough to keep me running during the day?

After the Easter baskets were found, it was photo time. Yeah, I still jump for joy at the opportunity for a good photo. I was heavily anticipating using the Easter monkey with Magnus.


Ahhhh... decided to do a family group shot as well:


After that it was time for a movie: The Fantastic Mr. Fox which didn't disappoint. I could tell during the movie that I was not running on full energy. Of course, it doesn't take much effort to watch a movie. As the ending credits rolled, we jumped up to get the turkey cooking.... This actually deserves some explanation.

Back to last Thanksgiving, I previously mentioned how The Teacher scored two Thanksgiving meals. While I was at home eating tacos, hot wings and anything else I could slap BBQ sauce on, I was also stocking up for and second (and third) Thanksgiving meal at home after we all returned from having Thanksgiving at her parents (once is never enough for the monkey). Thankfully, we have a large freezer, because over the last few months two turkeys have been sitting in it.

So, it made sense, sort of, to have a Thanksgiving type meal for Easter. Now, the funny part that I can't completely explain, is somehow we managed to cook the turkey upside down. Yes, you read that correctly. Hell, I even tried to carve it upside down. Yes, the bottom of the turkey had a beautiful golden skin, while the top with all the good meat was submerged in turkey juice.

Martha Stewart would not be proud. A pineapple upside cake - yes, a turkey - no! no! no! Since I can't come to any other conclusions but this one, I can boldly blame sleep deprivation. At least we still have another turkey to get it completely right.

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