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The Bouncer Incident: The P-Word Gets Results


Slightly Used

Someone wise once said, "babies don't bounce", so The Teacher and I set out to get some assistance for Magnus in the form of a baby bouncer. Seriously, this would normally not be something that would be worth writing about. Okay, maybe bouncing babies are your thing, and maybe they are not. We found out (Thanks to Target) that some people don't like bouncing babies.

After doing some initial research and shopping around, we decided to get the Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper from Target (okay, technically it's called a jumper and not a bouncer by the folks at Baby Einstein). At the store we noticed the box had been taped. It was hard to know why, but this was the model we wanted so we loaded up the box in the cart and checked out.

the bouncer incident

After getting home, we opened up the box and noticed that the box wasn't accidentally opened and taped back up. Someone opened this already.

the bouncer incident

All of the smaller boxes inside the bigger box were taped up in the same fashion. Hmmmmmm..

the bouncer incident

As we pulled out the pieces, we noticed that some of them were dirty looking. The Teacher and I looked at each other, not sure what to think. As we looked closer at one of the crossbars, we saw it. A curly black hair. The Teacher promptly exclaimed "that's a pubic hair".


Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't but that was enough for us. We shoved everything back into the large box (including the mysterious piece of hair) and drove back to Target.

At the customer service counter at Target, we explained our disgust with the used bouncer. The employee stated that they don't sell used baby items. We quickly told her that it was hard to tell it had been opened. The Teacher then used the secret catchphrase: pubic hair.


For some reason they had plenty more in the back storage area. Obviously, that's where the hair-free versions are stored.

Magnus certainly is happy to be bouncing without your unwanted hair.

the bouncer incident

No reason to take this farther. It wasn't on my steak or anything like that. Thankfully.

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