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Go East Little Monkey, Where There Are Cows Aplenty - Part 1


American Gone East

Last weekend The Teacher, Magnus and myself headed to North-Eastern Oregon. Both of The Teacher's grandmothers haven't had a chance to meet the "sorta-little" guy yet, so we planned this surprise trip to visit "Nannie" who lives in Union, Oregon. On Friday we set out somewhat early with the beautiful weather already apparent.

Earlier this month I visited Prineville for a work related meeting, which reminded me I had not been here in quite some time. So, this was my second visit (while brief) this month.


We didn't linger here for long. The Teacher realized she needed some batteries, so after those were purchased we headed out on Highway 26 for a very scenic drive. However, since it was a long drive we didn't stop as we passed through Mitchell, Dayville, and Mt. Vernon, passing by fossils and many cows.

John Day was the first destination we planned a brief stop at. The Teacher's family has a lot of history in this area. John Day is where her grandparents lived when she was young, so it was nice to get to put a visual to some of the stories she has told me (the store she would walk to buy "treats" and the creek that they were forbidden to play in near her grandparents old house, etc).

We made a stop at her grandfather's gravestone in Canyon City:

near John Day

We had hoped to be further along in our trip when lunch time came around, and we didn't want to hang around here too long not being too far into our drive. An ill-decision was made when we got lunch from Dairy Queen. Not that all food from Dairy Queen is bad, but it certainly wasn't anything special on this day. At least it was quick (sort of - with them messing up the order).

Back on the road we passed through Prairie City where "Nannie" moved to from Chicago back in 1950. Sort of a wild story, and it's certainly a different landscape from what Chicago is. Indeed. We drove on and climbed back into higher elevation where there was still snow on the side of the road. I guess when you are at 5100+ feet, there's always a decent chance of snow.

After turning onto Highway 7, we headed towards Baker City. I recalled seeing something about an odd mining dredge located somewhere around here, but forgot to look up the specifics. Thus we didn't stop near Sumpter to see it. Maybe next time. So, instead of stopping for oddness, we made it to lovely Baker City (or Baker as they used to call it) to visit Kina at Paizano's Pizza since she refuses to deliver to Bend.

Paizano's Pizza in Baker City

Of course when you travel with a baby, you never know where fun things happen. Yep, Magnus decided to have a massive A.E. (as The Teacher likes to call them). Nothing like changing a nasty diaper before going in for food. Also, would this be the moment where the $100 challenge would be attempted?

Paizano's Pizza in Baker City

Nope. If only I hadn't tainted my tummy with a Dairy Queen burger earlier and numerous Red Vines. Oh well. The Teacher wasn't even hungry, but I at least had to try a slice. While ordering I asked if Kina was around (since she relentlessly blogs about working everyday), I was shocked when I got a response of "nope, she's out catering". Sort of sounded like an excuse she might have given the employees so that she could slip out and have afternoon cocktails, but I'm assuming when she left there were a few pizzas under her arms.

I ate my tasty slice and snapped a few photos. As we were leaving Kina popped out. I mentioned how we were sorta of in between meals, and she asked us to come back on the return trip. Maybe it wouldn't be cocktail hour next time around.

We were pretty sick of being in the car, but we got back in and headed North on I-84. Here there were cows aplenty. When we exited around North Powder there were also windmills aplenty. Soon it was cows and windmills aplenty:

North Powder windmills and cows

We arrived in Union and surprised "Nannie" and made her day extra special with Magnus wearing his Green Bay Packers shirt. Mission accomplished.

Magnus and Nannie

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we find out if What happened in Union, stays in Union, if Magnus rode any cows, and if on the return trip we went back to Piazano's Pizza.

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