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Go East Little Monkey, Where There Are Big Meals Aplenty - Part 3


Rinse, repeat and eat

On Sunday The Teacher, Magnus and I had to get up nice and early. Why, you might ask? Nannie wanted us to go to church with her. Seemed like a good time as any to attend a Catholic Church mass with the "sorta-little" guy. Ouch, bad joke I know.

At least after the service we were treated to breakfast. Thankfully it wasn't Dennys either, instead it was a steakhouse/saloon (yes for breakfast). This was downtown Union after all. I decided to order something that sounded light on the menu, not to be too full for lunch later. My sensible choice was chicken-fried steak, hash browns, eggs, toast and coffee. I was pretty certain it wouldn't be nearly as much as they give you at Jakes Diner. Opps. It was a close second.

Now that we were all plenty full, we headed back to the house to pack up and say our good byes. Next we were on the road back home.

lovely drive home

After getting our second pass of windmills and cows aplenty, we reached Baker City.

Baker City

It hardly seemed like breakfast was that long ago, but here we were once again at Paizano's Pizza. Yeah, Kina, I said I'd do my best to make it back.

Back to Paizanos

Of course when we arrived, Magnus decided to have another massive A.E. (as The Teacher likes to call them). Ugggg.

Second Paizanos AE

After cleaning up the "sorta-little" guy, we went in. I asked The Teacher if she could help eat a pizza. "Maybe one piece", she replied. Great. The chicken-fried steak, hash browns, eggs, and toast were still somewhat filling my belly. Oh well, time to take one for the team. I ordered up a large Logger (that was the smallest pizza) and a large salad for us to split as well. Now, the first time around I only got a slice. I am NOT a slice person. Slices are for wussies. When I'm hungry, I want a pizza, not a slice. So, even though I wasn't exactly staved, getting a real pizza felt so much better. The Teacher stuck to her word and ate one slice, while I ate the rest of the pizza (minus one slice). I was dang stuffed at this point.

When we ordered Kina was no where to be seen. Some other older couple had their vintage sports car in the parking lot and wanted to show it to Kina. They asked if she was around. Nope. Must have been cocktail hour again. In fact, I sorta of wonder how many times Kina slips out of the place? Hmmmmmmmm... Well, Kina, we did return for a second visit and it was very good, too bad we couldn't have thanked you in person.

Now that we were all plenty full, we had some driving to do. Back on the road we cruised along and didn't make any stops until past John Day at the first John Day Fossil Beds Monument turn off. We drove in and briefly sampled the scenery.

John Day Fossil Beds Monument

We were all a little tired from the drive at this point, so we only lingered here for a short while.

Picnic table posing

The Teacher was not exactly thrilled that I wanted to make one more stop at the Painted Hills Unit. I felt like we were so dang close that it was worth the short side trip off the highway. When we arrived I was the only one who got out of the car. I tried not to take too long getting some shots, always checking back on The Teacher in the car who had the Red Vines jar close at hand.

The Teachers patience is tested

I was pleased with what I saw and certainly will try to make another trip out here in the near future.

Painted Hills

By the time we left it was around 6:45pm, and we still had about 40 miles to Prineville. We had hoped to be in Redmond by 7:00pm, but that wasn't going to happen. After reaching Prineville, we were hungry once again, but wanted something quick (very quick). With those limitations, the options were somewhat limited. So, for the second time on the trip, we hit Dairy Queen. It passed the test for me this time, but The Teacher's salad was somewhat lacking.

About 8:15pm we arrived back home. It had been a very long day, but it was certainly filled with plenty of food and scenery. Not a bad combination. We'll have to do something like this again soon.

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Laura Oien said:

I waited eagerly for each part of your journey to be published. Nice pictures, great story and cute baby!! Sounds like you had a great time.

keeneye said:

The vintage sports car was a bright red 1934 Model T, for which I snuck out the back door to take a look at. Yes, I was here, mixing martinis in the back room. ;o)

The standard reply when asked if I'm here is "No" because 99% of the time it's someone wanting a donation or to sell me something.

We need a code word. If you had said, "Tell Kina the monkey is here" I would've appeared from behind the magic curtain as if I were Oz.

Thanks for stopping in again, and for the gorgeous photos of Baker. Aloha!

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