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All Dried Up


The airing of grievances

No one wants to wear wet socks. Truly, after just a few years of living in Eugene, I learned all of the tricks of keeping my feet dry in the event I stepped into a puddle. Of course if something got wet, there were a few options on how to dry it: a clothes dryer, outside on your BBQ grill, or simply on a rope.

On a non-related note, covenants, conditions and restrictions in certain communities were created with the purpose of keeping "the ugly out". Seriously, your neon pink painted house, your 15-foot tall neon statue of Elvis, and your clothesline. Huh? This is certainly not new news. Back in 2007, the story of Susan Taylor (The lady with the clothesline on Awbrey Butte) was hot news when the story made it to the Wall Street Journal.

Seriously, this was an issue that most people couldn't figure out. How could a clothesline be a problem? Obviously, that's why it made the news again and again.

Of course, the issue really didn't go away. Civil disobedience is fun, especially when you take it to the political level to fight back. Yep, when most people thought the major issue on the minds of Senators and members of Congress was health care, it turned out to be a bill allowing clotheslines.

Once again the local story got big again when Stephen Colbert featured this story on the Colbert Report, and on Colbert Nation:

Seriously, I was planning on moving to a country that didn't even know what dryer sheets were.

Stephen Colbert would hardly approve.

I'm sure this story is going to stick around a little longer. It's always great to live in a place that gets known for things like the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or clothesline banning.

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