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LOST & Found


Lost & found

Unless you've been living under a rock (or have realized there is life beyond watching TV), you are probably aware there is this TV show called LOST. Maybe you really care about how it ends, maybe you think it is simply odd and confusing, or maybe it's a mixture of the two. So, this Sunday it's going to be all wrapped up and I'm sure it will be interesting indeed.

Today on Regis & Kelly, Matthew Fox was interviewed. Nothing was really revealed about the show, but Fox did speak about moving to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to family. Of course those of us in the Bend Blog circle, this is hardly news as Hack Bend gave you every detail you wanted to know about finding the property Matthew & Margherita Fox own in Bend.

I love in the interview that Fox describes Bend as a great place to live to experience the 'four seasons'. I know we have Winter and Summer, but I'm not sure what the other two are. Any ideas?

If you know anything about The Highlands at Broken Top, it was a nice choice for a site if you like things like mountain views and some separation from your neighbors. PIQUE Architecture are the architects of record for the Fox residence (someone else did the original design). I recall reading an article about the firm and they mentioned the project. They even feature the details for the house here.

If you are curious about the actual house, here is a photo of it from about a month ago:

Fox residence

And here are a couple from today:

Fox residence

Fox residence

I'm sure the push is on for the project, if the Fox's are moving here next month. Good stuff.

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