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Sex & The City 2 - Revenge Is Best Served With Dry Heat



Yeah, I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw the trailer for this sequel. Just kidding. It's sad that such a great television series keeps getting destroyed on the big screen. At least this time around one of the previously missing men of SATC returns: Adian.

For the record, the previous film that was previously watched on a plane by me, was a huge let down. While the television series was lighthearted and humorous, the movie was way too serious and depressing. To make matters even worse, they cheesed up the ending with a cliche' marriage between Big and Carrie that was supposed to leave you smiling. Hardly.

So, the big movie star (or Applebees man) Corbet returns. I think the only fitting revenge would be for Carrie to be tricked into leaving Big for him, only for him to dump her via a secret message inside an Applebees Carside To Co sack. Yep, sacked....

Sure, it wouldn't be any better than the first one, but I'm sure they could cheese up the ending just to satisfy a few.

Carrie said it best already: "We're so over we need a new word for it.".

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