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After A Couple Of Years Off, The Monkey Wagon Rolled Once Again


The wagon rolls again

Last Year as The Teacher and The Architect sat and watched the Warrenton parade she was told about the Bend Pet Parade's famous dog suspended by helium balloons. "Wouldn't it be awesome to do the same with our baby?". What I got back probably was the look on most peoples faces when they watched Michael Jackson hold his new baby over the balcony.

So, that plan was scratched long before we knew we'd have a 6-month-year-old who's as big as an 18-month-year-old. That puny dog hardly holds a candle next to the Mighty Magnus. Keeping him lower to the ground made much more sense. Soon he'll be ready for his own wagon.

Had it really been three years since the monkey wagon last rolled ? Yes indeed, so we were ready to roll.

Fourth of July 2010

However, we didn't arrive early enough to scope out what other people brought, rather just in time to jump in line and go.

Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July 2010

And for the record this was the 11th time the monkey wagon was in a parade. The Teacher did agree that the claps and comments I got during the parade were pretty good.

Fourth of July 2010

Another successful Bend Pet Parade.

Later in the afternoon we headed back downtown to watch The Freedom Ride. It had also been a few years since I last witnessed this. It was very odd and awesome last time. Unfortunately this time we arrived a little late and caught the last half of the riders (no loops this time). What I noticed also this time was that no traffic was blocked off and it was mad chaos everywhere.

Fourth of July 2010

Some drivers didn't know what to do. People ran across the street and basically everyone ignored the traffic signals.

Fourth of July 2010

Afterwards we browsed the booths in Drake Park before heading back home and getting ready for dinner.

For the actual watching of the fireworks, I wanted to give The Teacher and Magnus the best seat in the house, so we went and watched from the upper field at Juniper Elementary, which is close. Magnus certainly got his fill of fireworks (set off by the local nuts) and seemed somewhat interested. However, he did fall asleep for the big show.

Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Of course the butte didn't burn this year, so there's always something to look forward to in the future.

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