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A Bunch Of Cyclists and A Bunch Of Photographers - The Prologue


ride and shoot

The feverish mad cycle of Summer is upon us at last. Every June I anticipate the upcoming heat of July, and the events that come to Bend. Hands down, my favorite is always The Cascade Cycling Classic. Last year my stomach wasn't feeling that great, so I only hung around briefly taking about 200 photos (compared to the previous years 500 photos). Nothing too special either.

In 2008, I was in the zone and got some happy results:

Cascade Cycling Classic

Last year, I watched others get the shot, while I looked forward getting home.

Cascade Cycling Classic

So, last night the 2010 Cascade Cycling Classic kicked off with a prologue race in The Old Mill District. I figured it would be a good chance to warm up for the big downtown race this Saturday. It's sort of like when Darth Vader tests the carbon freeze with Han Solo before trying to get Skywalker, you have to try something to see if it works.

Of course there were plenty of other photographers there with big glass.

Cascade Cycling Classic

I'm sure the same will happen on Saturday. There's too much cycling goodness, not to take a photo or two.

Cascade Cycling Classic

So, unless I eat a bad taco, or hamburger, I'm thinking things are looking up for this years downtown race. Yeah!

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