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Now It's On!


NOW it's on

A busy weekend for The Teacher and The Architect. A week ago I dropped off six photos of mine to the Deschutes County Fair. I hadn't entered anything since 2006, and figured it would be fun to give it another go. Previously in 2004, I entered around 39 photos, about half that number in 2005 and 2006. I had a huge stack of first-place and second-place ribbons at home. During a garage cleaning exercise earlier this Summer, I tossed many of those ribbons.

During that time The Teacher told me of her past fair glories. Yep, she not only won many first-place ribbons, but had some craft and baking items go on to state (something that I had never experienced). Yep, she was crafty and a master pig shower:

Past fair glory for The Teacher

We are both competitive (The Teacher a little more than The Architect), so I took this as a challenge for this year. I entered my photos with the goal of getting an award beyond first-place. Yep, anything else would be considered failure. I selected photos that had good success at The Cascade Camera Club, and went big. In the past I went with 5x7's, but I knew that if I wanted to achieve my goal, a bigger 8x10 would be required.

Last Friday we made our trip to the fair. I was more than satisfied when I saw not only blue ribbons, but the Best In Show (Adult - Advanced) ribbon on one of my photos!

Best In Show

Yep, the photo above won Best In Show and is going to The State Fair. Of course on a competitive level The Teacher is still going to The State Fair too, since she's the model in the photo. Hmmmmmmm....

However, I can still say to her: Now, It's On!

For our actual fair experience we started off at the animal barns:

Mighty Fine Swine

The swine was mighty fine, and Magnus certainly did agree:

Mighty Fine Swine - Magnus approved

After wandering around and viewing the rabbits, chickens, sheep, pig and cows, we checked out the rodeo arena where a few riders and horses were practicing:



After sitting and watching for a while, we headed over to check out the photography and art exhibits. Looking over the brownies and cakes, made us realize we were hungry, so we checked out the options and settled with some burgers from 4H. After picking up the burgers and sitting at a table, the thunder started and rain drops fell from the sky.

We ran for cover as the wind picked up as well.

Magnus poses

After spending some time indoors we headed back out. Thankfully, the rain didn't last long and we saw the rest of what we wanted to see at the fair, which mainly included getting some yummy funnel cakes!

Magnus poses

Yep, with a little one, that means no rides and The Teacher seems to think I already have enough stuffed animals around the house. Go figure.

The following day marked The Teacher and The Architect's anniversary. Wow, has it been a year already?

Honeymoon kite flying from Chris on Vimeo.

The Architect loves The Teacher, but It's Still On!

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The Wife. said:

I love my Architect. Strong work husband. Happy anniversary.

shannon said:

Congrats!!! I am always amazed at your photos. They are so pretty.

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