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No Nanobots Saving The Day, But It Was Meatastic Anyway


Thirty Six Predictions

Last Sunday I turned another year older. That seems to be a pattern I keep repeating every year. Go figure. I'm somewhat hopeful that futurist Ray Kurzwell is accurate with his predictions of a future with tiny "nanobots" that will help extend our lives and give us a facelift with requiring any of that nip/tup stuff. It might be a future where we move inside of the digital realm even more. Women will become fembots and men will still chase after them. Seriously, it could happen, or perhaps not.

With my birthday being on a Sunday I got to stretch out the celebrations over the entire weekend due to other peoples schedules. So, there was a small gathering at work on the proceeding Thursday, dinner out with the parents on Saturday and celebrations at home on the actual day.

Some of last years birthday traditions were repeated this year. No cupcakes or cupcake photos - bummer. Another MEATASTIC feast at Baldy's BBQ - awesome. This time it was the day before, instead of the day after. Magnus had a blast here as well and enjoyed getting to chew on his first rib bones. He couldn't get enough, but his manners were a little primitive and he simply discarded his unwanted rib bones on the floor. With a little one you can't be a cheap tipper at a restaurant. Grrr... We returned home for some Costco cheesecake - similar to last year. Yummy.

For the actual day, The Teacher was awesome with her presents. Seriously, even though she rolls her eyes at my photography hobby, she continues to buy me more gear for the holidays. Couldn't ask for a better wife, indeed! We had a rather relaxed morning around the house and then went out for lunch at Pilot Butte Drive-In. I ordered up the burger known to me as Bacon Cheeseburger Uptopia Experience. If you're thinking this post has a lot to do with food, leave now if you don't want to hear more.

Still here? After dining on The Experience (as I like to call it), The Teacher asked me if I wanted to go take some photos on Pilot Butte. I surprised her mightily by stating I didn't bring my camera. Why? It was downright freezing out. We drove to the top anyway and looked around at the overcast sky. With a light drizzle now starting, I felt good in my decision to avoid any outdoor photo activities that would have lead to hypothermia.

That's the bummer of like outdoor activities and having a November birthday in Bend. Usually the weather sucks and on a good day it still sucks. Another repeat of last year was having a late dinner on the actual day. Since our lunch was late, we didn't really start feeling hungry until around 6:45. Guess what? Steak was on the menu once again and ever since we first tried the Barefoot Contessa recipe of using a cast iron pan to sear the steak and then finish cooking it in the oven, both The Teacher and myself have been major fans.

Last year I stood outside in the dark, grilling in the rain. I was happy to be cooking inside on this cold November night - or so I thought. Damn! The oven wouldn't start up. It's a gas oven, so we were already using the stove top burners without an issue, but the actual oven simply wouldn't start up. After messing with it for a good 30 minutes or so, I realized I was going to have to use the grill outside and cook in the dark once again. Grrrr....

The positive thing is that I was still able to use the cast iron pan on the grill and the steaks were yummy-licious. Another MEATASTIC birthday indeed.

There were some photos taken on this day too. Earlier in the day I decided to take on of myself to post on Facebook:

Birthday photos

The Teacher was a good sport and posed as well:
Birthday photos

That's it, another birthday wrap up. So, unless those nanobots take away the aging thing, we'll be doing this same thing again next year.

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