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road trip east

Hmmm... Seriously, what happened to January? It's not like we were all just sitting around, kicking back and chilling out.


After making it back from our coastal holiday, my cold got worse (briefly). Nothing horrible, but I did have one sick day from work. To make matters worse, I ventured out of the house that day on a short walk to the mailbox. Exciting stuff, indeed. However, about half-way, on my epic block and a half walk, I stepped on a sheet of ice that sent me straight on my back within a matter of seconds.


Of course my first thought, after realizing nothing was broken, was hoping that no one saw me biff it. I'm sure it was epic, watching a 6 '-10" dude falling flat on his back.

Nothing beats being sick and sore. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.

Later in the month we headed out on a surprise visit (for some) to Union.


We headed North to take the route via I-84 East to La Grande and Union. This meant driving through plenty of wide open spaces. There's always plenty of interesting older buildings around Oregon. Back in 2009, The Teacher and myself visited Shaniko before Magnus was born and had some photo fun. On this day it was very rainy and we had some distance to cover, so I made some mental notes of places to revisit.

After driving some more, it was apparent that Magnus needed a diaper change. The Teacher asked me to pull over soon. Seriously, once you pass Shaniko, there's not a whole lot of a options besides unpaved dirt roads. Finally, there was something that looked like a town. Yep, it was the town of Kent. Of course after turning down the main road in Kent, The Teacher stated "Did you turn here for photos?".

There were typical abandoned structures, but some that appeared not to be abandoned, and frankly they were creepier than anything out of Deliverance. I answered The Teacher with a distinct "NO!" and then asked if she wanted me to stop. Of course we both thought about it for a second and then instantly turned the car around and got out of there.

Of course, I made many mental notes about returning for photos at some point.


We did stop in Moro to stretch out and change Magnus. Hardly an abandoned town here, with a bustling population of 337. The Teacher got some chocolate milk and we hit the road again. Observations: I-84 in the gorge is nice, but I-84 out the gorge is boring. I could do some name dropping with all of the exciting towns we drove through, but I'll spare you that, and simply say we made to La Grande just fine.

The Teacher's aunt Beth never told Nannie that we would be coming, so Magnus' great-grandmother was somewhat surprised, somewhat mad at not being told, and more than ready to kiss her great-grandson when we got there.


Of course, Magnus wasn't overly thrilled with all of the kissing.

It was a weekend filled with general horsing around, watching football and Nannie going in for more kiss attempts. We made it a four-day weekend and returned home on the last day of January.

On the return trip we made a stop in Biggs Junction to get some coffee and stretch our legs. Magnus needed another diaper change after experiencing an "A.E" on The Teacher's arm in the convenience store/McDonalds/truck stop . This meant changing him on the changing table of the convenience store/McDonalds/truck stop. We later suspected that Magnus caught something from that experience, when later that night we experienced a night from Hell with the poor guy suffering with projectile vomit.

It also meant the next week was filled with general recovery for ailments once again as most of us got sick.

Finally, healthy back to normal food and back to some fun things.


Thump Coffee. Magnus enjoyed his muffin, but I think he's looking to still order a drink. Hmmm...


Girls basketball at MVHS. Is Magnus really drinking Pepsi? Hmmm....

And finally, watching the Super Bowl. Would the Packers win? Hmmm...


YES! Victory!

One less Hmmm...

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Kim Kehoe said:

Deliverance. Projectile vomit. Biffs. A.E. (I was fairly certain I didn't want to ask!!!) What's not to be happy about? :) Glad you're all getting back to normal!

The Wife said:

Strong work husband. A funny read.

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