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An Easter Feast With The Teacher Out Of Town



Yep, Easter weekend all by myself. The Teacher and Magnus headed north to the coast for a long weekend with the family. Simply put, this let me indulge in some delicacies of the mouth that I might normally have to avoid if we're all eating a healthy meal together. Oh bummer.

Prior to the weekend, I made some yummy homemade chilli. Of course I made too much, but no reason to think I would have to simply eat leftover chilli all weekend long or for my Easter Dinner. So what did I have for Easter?

First up, chilli cheese dogs. Oh my!

An Easter Feast

These suckers are so dang good! I learned years ago to avoid the cheap hot dogs and only use all beef ones. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. The addition of my homemade chilli, freshly shredded cheese and some Tabasco sauce make these outstanding.

Okay, so that was lunch, but for dinner I took it to the next level again. No ham, rather instead an inch-thick rib eye steak from Costco. That along with some baked beans, some vintage Deschutes Brewery Jubeale (yep, many weeks of being sick help keep it safe) and some green leafy stuff - to keep it somewhat healthy.

An Easter Feast

I should mention that I cooked the steak using a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. Basically you coat the steak with oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper then sear it in a cast-iron pan. You finish cooking it in the oven. Seriously, it is the best steak ever.

I'll admit that I hate doing food photography - OF MY OWN FOOD! Seriously, I'm constantly thinking must eat, must eat, must eat...

Of course I wanted to at least set up a simple shot of dessert, since I had some restraint after my wonderful feast.

An Easter Feast

I can easily say that with cooking, practice makes perfect. Maybe that's why I practiced the same meals yesterday...

Heh heh.

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