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So, The Teacher decided to visit her family on the coast, prior to this weekend. Of course the sorta little guy went with her too. I do like to play the "what am I going to do by myself" card prior to her leaving, but I always have a contingency plan in place: EAT. Now, I'm not saying I sit around and simply eat chips and drink beer. Rather, I go for the type of meals that we rarely go out for, especially in recent times when The Teacher would have a massive gallbladder attack if she simply looked at a fatty meal. Not that I can't eat it, but there's some guilt when the only thing on the menu she could order was a glass of water and dry toast.

Do I love eating bad? Not so fast. Not that I am a strict pillar of health, or a pure glutton of all things Twinkee, deep fried, or chicken fried. Rather, I put myself in the middle. Yes, it's all about finding a place in happy middle ground land. Tonight I decided on two things. First, I would walk Pilot Butte and second I would follow it up with a nice burger from Pilot Butte Drive In. Does it even out as if you were eating a salad with no dressing?

Today I brought a pedometer with me. The stats: 4,166 steps, 1.84 miles traveled, and 116 calories burned. Now, does a pedometer know if you were leisurely walking or running from a pack of mad wolves? Does a pedometer know if you were walking on flat ground or up hills? The answers are no and no. So, I highly doubt the 116 calories burned especially when you consider these facts. Going up, I'm pretty consistent at around 15 minutes. Going down is a little slower, usually. When I reached the top today, I quickly whipped out my cell phone and placed my order. I was planning to hear that my order would be ready in 20 minutes. Nope, 10 minutes! No messing around here, I booked it down. There are things in life you rush for and a bacon blue cheeseburger from PBDI, is certainly one of them.

The dust was flying and my feet were moving with reckless abandon. There's no funny story coming where I tripped on my shoe laces or was mauled by a bear. Nope, I made it down just fine and my burger was nice and hot and ready for me when I arrived.

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