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Jenny & Johnny, Bright Eyes & Death Cab For Cutie Rocked Hot, Despite The Cold


Old Mill Concerts 2011

Was is really that time again? Yep, time for Death Cab For Cutie to make it to Bend again for their fourth appearance at the Les Schwab Amphitheater. For a typical Memorial Day weekend in Bend, the weather sucked once again, almost like back in 2008 . Plenty of clouds and threats of rain, however the coldness was the major suck factor. At least The Teacher was close by to help keep me warm.

First up: Jenny & Johnny

Jenny & Johnny

Jenny is Jenny Lewis and Johnny is Jonathan Rice. I wasn't overly familiar with this duo specifically, however over the years I have really appreciated most projects Jenny Lewis has been associated with, namely Rilo Kiley, and with The Watson Twins, and Jenny Lewis even worked on a project known as The Postal Service with Ben Gibbard.

Most of Jenny & Johnny's set was from their 2010 release I'm Having Fun Now.

1. Committed
2. Scissor Runner
3. My Pet Snakes
4. Just Like Zeus
5. Slavedriver
6. Switchblade
7. Animal
8. Just One of the Guys
9. End of the Affair

The biggest bummer was they received the opening band treatment, which meant their sound wasn't tweaked to perfection through the sound system. As their set went on, it got better, and overall it was a very good performance.

Next up: Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes was previously in Bend back in 2008 with his Mystic Valley Band album tour. I preferred the sound of his work with Bright Eyes more, so while I skipped that show, but I was very much looking forward to his performance here.

Bright Eyes did release The People's Key earlier this year, but since they weren't the headline act on this tour, their set really seemed to have a spattering of songs from that album along with plenty of Bright Eyes oldies.

Bright Eyes

1. Road to Joy
2. Arc of Time (Time Code)
3. Poison Oak
4. Jejune Stars
5. Shell Games
6. Approximate Sunlight
7. Four Winds
8. Cleanse Song
9. Gold Mine Gutted
10. Lover I Don't Have to Love
11. Old Soul Song
12. The Calendar Hung Itself
13. One For You, One For Me

I loved the energy that was put into their set. The Teacher wasn't familiar with Bright Eyes and stated they she really enjoyed their music. Bonus! Connor Oberst make a few comments to the crowd between songs. Dropped a couple of f-bombs, and really seemed to be glad to be apart of this tour.

Bright Eyes

Finally: Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie

By the time Death Cab For Cutie took the stage, The Teacher and myself were very close to turning into human popsicles. Nothing like freezing temperatures in late May. So, despite the shivering and feeling of impending numbness to the extremities the show went on. Did I mention it wasn't even dark yet?

So, when the darkness hit, the lighting on stage got much better, but the temperatures kept falling.

Death Cab For Cutie

Based on the previous Death Cab For Cutie show, I expected them to put on the big rock show experience again. No disappointments there. The setlist featured plenty of old favorites and new tracks from Codes and Keys.

Death Cab For Cutie

About half-way through the set, The Teacher decided she was too cold to really enjoy it any more. She asked if I minded if she went back to the car and thawed out. I told her, "No problem" and off she went.

Death Cab For Cutie

Sort of a bummer, since there were many good songs left to hear. If you hadn't noticed I had no intentions of leaving early.

Death Cab For Cutie

About 9:45 the band left the stage prior to the encore set. Once again people started walking away from the show. As I stated last time, I'll state it again. Have they never been to a concert before? Maybe they are just trying to beat the rush out of the parking lot. Whatever.

Death Cab For Cutie

When people started leaving close to the stage, I moved in a bit closer. It was a good test to see if my feet and legs still worked.

Death Cab For Cutie

1. I Will Possess Your Heart
2. The New Year
3. We Laugh Indoors
4. A Movie Script Ending
5. Some Boys
6. Photobooth
7. Long Division
8. Grapevine Fires
9. Codes and Keys
10. What Sarah Said
11. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
12. Title Track
13. You Are a Tourist
14. Underneath The Sycamore
15. Company Calls
16. Company Calls Epilogue
17. Soul Meets Body
18. Cath
19. Crooked Teeth
20. The Sound of Settling


21. Portable Television
22. Title and Registration
23. Transatlanticism

Death Cab For Cutie

Despite the cold it was a great show. Warmer clothes next time.

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