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Some Old And Some New, Stuff I Could I Wrote About: Redux


New and Redux

Plenty of stuff going on, and, yes it's true, sometimes I let stuff slip by too.

So, what's worth going back and writing about it now?

Back in late April was the Procession of the Species Parade in downtown Bend. It had been a few years since I went down and took photos of this event. I wondered why, since the costumes are great and odd too.

Procession of the Species Parade

Epic indeed. And Birdman also showed up!

Procession of the Species Parade

Yes, I've mentioned Birdman before on here. Usually around the 4th of July parades. I was happy since I was able to get some great photos of him in action. No let downs on this event.

Procession of the Species Parade

Going back a month earlier than the parade was even more crazy fun, when The Teacher had gal bladder issues. At least Dr. Magnus and the little monkey were on the scene to help.

The Teacher in the hospital

That was less fun, so let's bounce around some more.

In the park

The weather bounced around going up and down (in regards to the temperature). One weekend it was roasting and the next there would be snow. We made sure every time the sun popped out to take advantage of it. Going to the park was always a good idea. Magnus enjoyed participating in the Feats of Strength challenges.

In the park

In early May, the Trashformations exhibit was once again being displayed in the Old Mill District.


Another interesting and odd event. You never know what to expect and what you might see.


Mothers Day was also here around this time. Magnus (me too) made sure to show his appreciation to The Teacher.

Mothers Day

Cinco de Mayo also happened, and we made sure to gobble up some yummy Mexican food and enjoy the festivities downtown.

Cinco de Mayo

I did manage to write about some other events last month. The Pole Pedal Paddle, The Death Cab For Cutie concert, and Mt. Bachelor Pond Skimming.

The Decemberists also played a show, and we sat across the river and listened. Being late May we did what you normally need to do here: put on your Winter gear and bring blankets.

Decemberists show Old Mill District

Yeah, it was dang cold still.

Decemberists show Old Mill District

On the work front, I completed the redo of the website. Fresh and new. Of course some of the staff were shocked to have photos of themselves being used that were sharp, well-lit and not from 12 years ago.

So, that was the new and here's the REDUX:

Not what's for dinner

I hope you got that one.

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#1: I have a girl crush on your wife. Must she always smile at me like that?

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#3: You two need to get separate bedrooms or something before you create an entire tribe.


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