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A Weekend Of Events


Cheese Whiz approved

Friday night was the Annual NorthWest Crossing Hullabaloo Street Festival. This is sort of an odd gathering with too much stuff happening in too small of a space. Seriously, there's a concert stage, food vendors, kids activities, and a bike race (the edge of) crammed into a one-block space. If you walk a little further out, there's even more stuff. I think the concept, is something for everyone, but it's more of a mishmash with too many things to focus on.

When we arrived MOsley WOtta was on stage performing. There was an older couple leaving the area saying, "this must be for the younger people", and indeed they were right. Magnus put on his frame-only sunglasses and was bopping his head back and forth to the beat.

NWX Hullabaloo

Everyone who saw him smiled and a few paparazzi snapped shots as well (he's used to being the subject of photos, so no big deal to him).

After some awesome tunes, we walked down less than a block and stopped to watch some bike racing.

NWX Hullabaloo

We planned on meeting up with another couple that The Teacher met from her classes, so we only sat around briefly before moving back toward the stage.

NWX Hullabaloo

After some conversation Marc Cohn took the stage. We only listened to a few songs before we had to head back home.


I spent most of Saturday at COCC attending a seminar by photographer George Lepp. This was an almost 7-hour educational seminar for a mere $15. Not bad.

Yesterday evening was also The Bite of Bend. This is sort of like Hullaballoo minus the bike race and everything else much better. Of course, being a slightly more popular event, it also meant there were plenty of people in attendance.

Bite of Bend

We surveyed the food options, which featured all sorts of food options. I was certainly happy to see multiple BBQ options, and Philly Cheesesteaks!

Of course Magnus and I started off with some ribs.

Bite of Bend

And of course after my plate of ribs, I went back for a Philly Cheesesteak (with Cheese Whiz). Dang good indeed.

After our feast of food, we headed towards the music stage to listen to The Staxx Brothers.

Bite of Bend

And yes, Magnus approved of this group and proceeded to head bop and rock out to the beat. Of course, he needs to learn that having a binky in his mouth doesn't add to the coolness factor.

Bite of Bend

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